Peter Jacob Rich

Peter Jacob Rich





Contact Information

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Office: 150-K MCKB

Phone: 801-422-1171

Email: peter_rich@byu.edu

Website: peterjrich.com

I served an LDS mission to Curitiba, Brazil from 1997-1999. After returning from my mission, I pursued a bachelor's degree in Spanish, with a minor in TESOL. Following a semester teaching adult literacy in rural Mexico, I married my sweetheart, Paulina Alejandra, a Chilean I met while studying at BYU. I worked with BYU and the Provo School district creating instructional materials and soon pursued a degree in Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. Since 2007, I have been with the BYU IP&T faculty and have thoroughly enjoyed it and the students we get to work with.

As a faculty member, I have been able to pursue my interests in better understanding how people learn, the design and development of instructional materials, and teaching children how to program and to think like engineers. I do this through helping children to create games, which encourages learning through design, a pedagogical approach I have found to be effective in creating lasting memory, retention, and interest.