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Phone: 801-422-5977

Email: rebecca_LundwallRebecca@gmail.com@byu.eduphoria

Rebecca Lundwall’s research focuses on genetic associations to visual attention, which may be an important component of autism. She is especially interested in following the pattern of attentional development from infancy, through childhood, and into adulthood. Her studies have identified specific genes associated with the trajectory of attentional development. She is also interested in environmental influences on attention. Determining what genetic and environmental factors put children at risk for attentional problems associated with autism may allow us to intervene and prevent certain problems from actually developing.
Current Research Projects: --

  • Infant reflexive attention study assessing genetic and environmental risk factors associated with differences in the development of attention [https://cogdevelopment.byu.edu/Pages/home.aspx]
  • Childhood study to clarify certain aspects of a child task for determining reflexive attention [https://cogdevelopment.byu.edu/Pages/home.aspx]
  • Analysis of genetic data collected from children with autism spectrum disorder who completed various tasks associated with social anxiety