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Terisa Gabrielsen

Terisa Gabrielsen


Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: 340-A MCKB

Phone: 801-422-5055


My current career comes after 25 years of a previous career teaching business and accounting and raising a family. I am a Utah native, but found a new second home in Philadelphia before coming to BYU.

School Psychology and Autism

Autism, Disabilities, ADHD, Interdisciplinary Treatment and Support, Gifted and Talented, Models of Service Delivery

  • Autism Hero — 2019–
    • Sponsor: Autism Resources of Utah County Coalition (ARUCC)
    • Given to honor contributions to quality of life for individuals and families with autism in the local/regional community.
  • Friend to Speech Language Pathology Award — 2019–
    • Sponsor: Utah Speech and Hearing Association
    • Awarded for notable collaboration across disciplines with speech and language professionals in interdisciplinary evaluation.
  • Best of 2020 (Top Ten Articles) — 2020
    • Sponsor: Pediatrics (Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics)
    • Primary Care Autism Screening and Later Autism Diagnosis Paul S. Carbone, Kathleen Campbell, Jacob Wilkes, Gregory J. Stoddard, Kelly Huynh, Paul C. Young and Terisa P. Gabrielsen DOI: 10.1542/peds.2019-2314 | August 2020
  • School Psychology Professor of the Year — 2013–2016
    • Sponsor: 2016 BYU School Psychology Graduating Cohort
    • Nominated and awarded by the School Psychology graduating cohort.
  • School Psychology Professor of the Year — 2014–2015
    • Sponsor: BYU School Psychology Program, 2015 Graduating Cohort

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