McKay School Student Joins Fellowship Community

Marcie Calder, school psychology student, received the Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

Marcie Calder was selected for support under the Minority Fellowship Program Services for Transition Age Youth (STAY) fellowship. Along with a generous stipend of ten thousand dollars, Calder will attend the APA Convention held in San Francisco and the MFP Psychology Summer Institute in Washington, DC.

MSE Invites Chinese Scholar

The tradition of collaboration between BYU and Chinese educators is ongoing, particularly in the McKay School of Education. Dr. Lou Shizhou, Dean of Graduate…

Physical Education: Helping Others to Be Stronger for Longer

As children continue to spend more time sitting in front of computer and television screens than they do playing outside, the issue of childhood obesity…

Former President of the National School Board Association Speaks at McKay School

Mossi White calls herself a crusader for the right of every child to have access to the best public education that the United States can provide.

Improving Training by Improving Relationships

As the trainer, a supervisor is a novice therapist’s primary model for counseling.

MSE Faculty Rule the Castle Conference

Lynnette Erickson, Janet Young, and Stefinee Pinnegar are excited about attending an international academic conference in a castle. The fact that the castle…