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Donors Make Scholarships Possible for Every Student Who Applies

Hannah Nelson smiling
Photo courtesy of Hannah Nelson

Thank you so much for this generous scholarship. These funds are truly a lifeline that I was not expecting this fall. I can’t even explain the shock I felt opening this email today! Your generous donation makes it possible for me to focus on school exponentially more than I would’ve otherwise.

—Hannah Nelson, ’23, choral education





Brittany Hansen smiling
Photo courtesy of Brittany Hill Hansen

Thank you for your generous donation to help me pursue my educational goals here at BYU. I am very grateful. This was an answer to many prayers. I’m in my senior year of my program and have loved the rigorous learning environment that BYU offers.

—Brittany Hill Hansen, ’24, elementary education




Thank you. BYU students planning on professions in teaching or communication disorders have been abundantly blessed by a culture of generosity. For the second year in a row, we are thrilled to report that all undergraduate students who applied to the McKay School for financial support received full-tuition scholarships from the McKay School, the university, their college, or a combination of these sources for fall and winter semesters.

This number includes not just McKay School undergraduate students. This also includes all students in teaching majors across the arts and sciences who applied for and met the criteria for McKay School scholarships. Last year we had 620 undergraduate scholarship applicants compared to 775 who applied this year, which represents a 25 percent increase. As these numbers are likely to increase, we are hoping you will continue your generous contributions.

We are so very blessed by you, our inspired donors, who see the vision for supporting our students. If you are not yet a part of this community of generosity and want to help us reach our goal of consistently awarding scholarships to all who apply, please go to or contact Assistant Dean Michael Leonard at

It makes a big difference.

If you feel inclined to give, please visit