We have entered a new era of engaging BYU and McKay School of Education alumni. It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I announce the formation of the BYU Education Society, and the inaugural meeting of its national board.

McKay School alumni initiatives have been in place for many years. The BYU Education Society is the culmination of past efforts into one body, focused on three primary objectives: 1) literacy, 2) alumni education, and 3) connection.

Board members have been selected from among BYU education graduates located in various parts of the country—from the East Coast to the West Coast. Their charge is to address the three primary objectives. Our leader is none other than our own, retired, Gary Seastrand!

The first board meeting, held via Zoom on March 24, was energized by Gary and the spirit of the opportunities ahead of us. Joining us was Michael Johanson, director of the BYU Alumni Association. The Education Society is connected closely to BYU Alumni, with Johanson showing great support.

This coming academic year will be a pilot year wherein board members will work on the Education Society’s objectives in their local areas, with the aim of rolling out similar opportunities to the entire BYU Alumni chapter system in the following year.

Undergirding all of this is inspiration that came from President Spencer W. Kimball, who, in his Second Century address said this about BYU’s graduates: “Those who do come here have an even greater follow-through responsibility to make certain that the Church’s investment in them provides dividends through service and dedication to others as they labor in the Church and in the world elsewhere.”

We are inspired by President Kimball’s prophetic call to action, and have, with certainty, seen the Lord’s hand in the startup of the BYU Education Society!