Drivers passing the John Taylor Building on 900 East in Provo may barely notice the modestly unassuming structure. However, the building houses the life-changing communication disorders program and its Audiology Club, which promotes awareness, understanding, and appreciation of audiology.  

“Audiology is a multifaceted field that encompasses much more than just diagnosing and treating hearing loss. It involves a deep understanding of the auditory system, communication disorders, and the diverse needs of individuals with hearing impairments,” Hannah Green, co-president of the Audiology Club, says. 

Green joined the Audiology Club to better understand audiology’s impact on people's lives. She said the club has given her the opportunity to grow her passion for the subject, join a supportive and understanding community, and network with professionals in the professional world. 

In addition to helping students understand and appreciate audiology, the club also highlights the different opportunities available in the audiology field, such as clinical practice, research, and advocacy.  

The club provides these experiences and opportunities for members through monthly gatherings. Activities include educational seminars, social mixers, community service, and practice sessions. These monthly meetings, as well as facilitated shadowing and volunteering experiences with audiologists, are some of the advantages to joining the club. 

“It has provided me with invaluable opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in audiology through hands-on experiences, workshops, and networking events,” she says. “Also, being actively involved in the club has allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with peers, mentors, and professionals in the field, which have been instrumental in shaping my academic and career journey in audiology.” 

Any student, whether a communications disorder major or not, is welcome at activities and in the club. 

“Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just curious about the field, there's a place for everyone in our Audiology Club community,” Green says.