Easter Banner


I hope you have had a chance to see the banners in the McKay and Taylor Buildings displaying students’ thoughts about how the Savior has impacted their lives. This was a simple but powerful way for us to take a few moments during Holy Week to collectively share our witnesses of the Savior and His impact in our lives. Students’ enthusiasm as they were invited to participate in this special Easter activity was inspiring, and their responses were impactful.  


Here are a few examples:  

  • “He has given me hope during trials.” 

  • “He healed me.” 

  • “I can be resurrected and live with my family forever.” 

  • “I have assurance, comfort, and peace in good things to come.” 

  • “He is the ultimate problem-solver.” 

  • “I know that I can repent and be better. I am not my mistakes.” 

  • “Christ is my salvation and my friend.” 

  • “He's taught me to love as he has loved.” 

  • “I can become whole.” 

  • “Because of Him I know of my potential for growth and forgiveness.” 

  • “Christ shows his love for me through miracles. He has helped me see the good in life.” 

  • “My heart can be changed.” 

  • “Because of Christ I can move forward.” 

  • “He has kept me safe while driving to and from practicum.”  

  • “He gives me strength.” 

  • “I am never broken.” 

  • “I can be redeemed.” 


What a blessing and opportunity we have in the MSE to connect with the Savior in every aspect of our work and focus our students on Him. The mission of the MSE is to “strive to model the attributes of the Savior, the Master Teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective." During this Easter season and as we come to the close of this semester, I encourage each of us to take a few moments of reflection to consider how the Savior has influenced or played a part in our work and how we might extend and expand our efforts more intentionally to focus on Him in all that we do.  


I invite you to share and submit those experiences to our spiritually strengthening repository so that others can draw ideas from them as we all strive to follow the Savior.