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Each year we are given the opportunity to reflect on our professional achievements, successes, and challenges as we engage in the Personal Development Plan (PDP) or Annual Stewardship Interview (ASI) cycle. This year we’ve all been asked to focus on the aim that a BYU education should be spiritually strengthening.

Having just completed my personal PDP, one challenge I encountered is that I found it difficult to relate my day-to-day responsibilities with spiritually strengthening students when I have very little contact with them. During my PDP I discussed this challenge with my supervisor and decided that my goal would be to find a meaningful way to connect with the students I do have contact with, even if that contact is brief. Essentially, I have a goal to create a goal. While this feels less than ideal to me, I do feel hopeful and optimistic that I can play a role in spiritually strengthening our students. 

In President Nelson’s Jan 1, 2022, statement, he said, “The Lord loves effort. The Lord loves consistency. The Lord loves steadfastness. While we surely will come up short from time to time, our persistent efforts to hear Him and follow the inspiration He gives us will help us ‘wax strong in the Spirit’ (Mosiah 18:26).”  

I am grateful to have each of you as my personal cheerleaders, and I am cheerleading for you as well. May each of us learn from each other as we persistently engage in spiritually strengthening our students who deserve our best effort. 

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BYU Photo

  – Assistant Dean Jeanna Nichols