Young Women general president Bonnie H. Cordon and her first counselor, Sister Michelle D. Craig, returned to their roots at the McKay School this past fall, when students and faculty enjoyed a day of laughter in fellowship, joy in the gospel, and gladness in good works.

Following a general forum in the Joseph Smith Building, President Cordon and Sister Craig held a question-and-answer session nearby. Here are a few highlights from their visit.

For the Benefit of the World

Sometimes we think our benefit to the world has to be when we actually go to a place. I had an opportunity to move around. We lived in California, Indiana, Brazil, Idaho. But the influence didn’t happen because I traveled to lots of places. It happened through the people that were around me. And that’s what is happening to you, with the people who are around you. —President Cordon

The paths may look different for all of us. I didn’t work outside the home. President Cordon did, and were either of those wrong? No! They were the paths that were right for us, as directed by the Spirit. —Sister Craig

The Rising Generation

The rising generation are remarkable, and oh, how the world needs what they have to offer, the way they think, the way they contribute. They were not sent here, in what President Nelson refers to as the winding-up scenes, to fail. —Sister Craig

We need to give a voice to the youth, to the children. As we listen and allow them to have a voice, we learn a lot about how we can nurture them and help them grow. They will tell us, really, how they need to be nurtured. And we may be so surprised that it is different than we thought. Listen and have eyes to see, and it will happen. —President Cordon

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

I thought I was going to be an educator, and I am: it just looks different. Be open to what the Lord is going to direct. Allow Him to direct your path. It won’t be easy, and the road may be exactly what you thought it would be—or not. But trust the Lord with all your heart, and I promise your life will be more glorious than you can even imagine. —President Cordon


We follow the example of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. In the scriptures, notice His interactions with other people. Every person He interacted with, He loved, He affirmed their identity, He encouraged them to be the best version of themselves. . . . As we talk of Christ and preach of Christ and testify of Christ and value the gifts He has given us, we’re going to be okay. —Sister Craig