Russell Family
Kirsten and her family

1. Where are you from? 
West Valley City, Utah


2. What and where have you studied? 
Liberal arts, sciences, music, USU (BA); speech-language pathology, U of U (MS); speech-language pathology-audiology, U of U (PhD)


3. Where have you previously worked? 
Alpine School District (SLP), BYU adjunct professor (immediately prior to my appointment as assistant professor here)


4. What is your current job title? Please describe what you do in that position. 
Assistant Professor. Teach undergraduates and graduates about language and language disorders, and the principles of responsible assessment practices in the field of SLP. I am working to establish a research lab that investigates how to improve treatment for children with language disorders.


5. Why did you choose to work at BYU? 
Because it was clear that I was guided here. Every step, every opportunity, every stage of the process just opened up in a very miraculous way to bring me here. It’s clear that I have things to learn and things I can offer as we work to grow together in the gospel and here at BYU.


6. What was the first career you dreamed of having as a kid? 
I’ve always wanted to be a professor, although when I was a teenager, I had planned to get a PhD in musicology, not speech-language pathology/audiology.


7. What are you most likely to become famous for? 
My cookies, especially the chocolate chip cookies. I once considered opening a bakery.


8. Where could we find you on most Saturday mornings? 
Costco. It’s the happiest place on earth. And it’s also much less crowded early Saturday morning.  


9. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? 
I love to travel and explore, so any place in the world I haven’t been is my favorite place. Germany is a close second. I also love snorkeling, so the ocean is also a favorite.  I guess I don’t have one “favorite,” just lots of favorites.


10. Would you rather spend a night out on the town or stay home inside with a book? 
Definitely the book option.


11. What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?  
“But did you die?”–Austenland; and not a movie, “I’m sorry. Buck-up, sissypants”–Big Bang Theory.