saera award presentation

Deidre McCleery received the Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition Award (SAERA) for demonstrating the CRITERIA value of Accountability and Results. The nomination came from her supervisor, Beth Cutrer, a member of the research faculty who enlisted Deidre’s help collecting data for a graduate student’s thesis. 

The study’s focus is to showcase the crucial need for diversity within special education careers. To aid the research, Deidre’s task was to compile five years’ worth of essays from Latin candidates for the teacher preparation program.

“Because of the difficulty and setbacks in collecting the data, my graduate student and I worried we would not get the data at all,” Beth comments, “but Deidre did get results! And she got the data!”

Deidre’s work impacted more than just the task at hand through her perseverance. Beth explains how Deidre's diligence elicits the full potential in others, “She also inspired my graduate student. If Deidre could get the data, my student felt she could finish her study.”

A big thanks to Deidre McCleery for all her hard work and congratulations on receiving the SAERA Award!