Class-wide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT) - A behavioral intervention to teach and reinforce students appropriate classroom behavior and skills. It is a multi-tier intervention designed to help all students, including those who need more than universal supports. It is implemented at the class-wide level, incorporating individualized components implemented during “problem” times of the school day. See

PBSI Materials

Home and Community Social Behavior Scales: These screening tools give K–12 educators a comprehensive look at child social-emotional strengths and risk behaviors at school, at home, and in the community.

Positive Behavior Support in Secondary Schools: A Practical Guide: This guide shows how to implement positive behavior support (PBS) strategies in secondary settings using a three-tiered approach.

Teaching Self-Management Strategies to Adolescents: This book describes a powerful behavior-changing program designed to help struggling students.

You Can Do This: The McKay School Website provides resources and methods for using PBS approaches and strategies in the home.

See more PBSI presentations and publications here.

Additional Links The Association for Positive Behavior Support is an international organization that promotes PBS strategies. The National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is an OSEP-funded center that provides information and technical support to states and school districts to help build behavioral systems.

Strong Kids: Strong Kids is a social-emotional learning program developed by researchers at the University of Oregon. School-Wide Information System is a web-based information system that helps schools use referral data to design interventions and policies.