BYU/MSE Internal Grants

The David O. McKay School of Education (MSE) provides multiple grant opportunities to faculty and students.  Access our new MSE Research and Project Funding Resources comparison chart here.  BYU (non-MSE) grant opportunities follow the MSE listing below.

McKay School of Education (MSE) Research Grant Opportunities

Submission Date Faculty Funding Source Student Funding Source Grant Information Amount & Length of Funding Links Restrictions Number Funded Last Year

Proposal to Steve Christensen by Oct. 22, 2018

Proposal to dept chair:  Oct. 25, 2018

Proposal to dean's office: Nov. 1, 2018

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Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (CITES) Fellowship Grant This grant is available to full-time, CFS faculty in the MSE and Arts & Sciences colleges involved in the BYU-Public School Partnership. $10,000 a year for up to 3 years with an annual faculty stipend of $5000

Application Information and Proposal Template


Research to be conducted on CITES programs and initiatives only - contact CITES office for details 1

Proposal Due: 3rd Thursday in October 


Department Chair Endorsement Due: October 26, 2018


Annual Reports Due for Grants:
Jan. 31st  

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McKay School of Education (MSE) Research Grant

The annual competition will occur in the fall for funding to begin winter semester. Faculty can apply for either one year or *two years of funding.

Notice: *Multi-year project budgets must be allocated by calendar year and spent within the year specified in your proposal.  No year-end carryover is allowed.

Up to $20,000 will be funded for the first year and up to $20,000 for the second year, the maximum total amount allowed for travel is $2,500 

MSE Grants Proposal Template.  Create a document using this template and submit to


Full-time, CFS-track, MSE faculty may apply (unless they have an open MSE research grant award that overlaps the new proposal year).

MSE Research grants are to be used as "seed funding" to do research that could lead to a successful external proposal.  Previous awardees who received a MSE Research Grant in 2016 or later may apply after first submitting a proposal as a PI or Co-PI for external (non-BYU) funding.

Faculty with joint appointments in the MSE will receive partial funding from the MSE and must have approval from their non-MSE department chair for the rest of the funding before applying.

Proposals are accepted throughout the year (unless the tech need is part of a research grant proposal, in which case the grant deadline applies). MSE Technology Project Grant  Tech Project grant proposals are needed for projects that require over 40 hours of development by tech staff (e.g. apps, online services, graphic design, website development - see proposal form for list) or for the purchase of computer hardware/software to be housed or maintained by the MSE. Proposals are completed with guidance from the MSE Education Computing Support (ECS), Web Team, and/or Technology Computing (TEC) Lab Tech Project Grant Proposal Form in collaboration with ECS, MSEWeb, and/or TEC lab staff.  Submit to Full-time, CFS-track, MSE faculty may apply.  See Part 2 of the proposal for a list of the types of technology that require approval and the associated tech support office.  

Proposals are accepted Nov 1, March 1, and July 1.  

Final Report Due for Grants:
Jan. 31st of the following year

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Student Reflection Survey

Experiential Learning Support

No minimum or maximum budget limit is specified.  Reasonable budgets tied to  proposal goals will be considered until annual funds are committed. 

*Multi-year project budgets must be allocated by calendar year and spent within the year specified in your proposal.  No year-end carryover is allowed. 

Nov. 1 deadline for Jan. 1 - Dec. 15 projects.

March 1 deadline for *May 1 - April 30  projects

July 1 deadline for *Sept 1 - Aug 31 projects.  

Experiential Learning  Proposal  This  application is formatted as a Google Form that includes a submit feature. 

All participating students are required to complete a student reflection survey within 30 days after completing their project experience.  A link can be found on the Student Research Support webpage or the URL below can be emailed to the student:

Faculty are required to submit an annual report by January 31st following each calendar year in which you receive funding.  

Full-time, CFS-track MSE faculty may apply (including those with a MSE research grant).  Funds are to be used for undergraduate student wages and student travel scholarships only (limited funding for graduate student support  -contact Steve Christensen for availability). 

Due the 1st of each month

Final Report Due for Grants:
Jan. 31st 
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McKay School of Education Mini-Grant for Research Mini-grants can be used to fund student wages and/or student travel for data collection or travel to present at conferences.  Applying faculty can request funds to accompany their students. Up to $5,000; ends December 31st of the year funded Mini Grant Guidelines and Proposal. This application is formatted as a Google Form that includes a submit feature.  Full-time, CFS, MSE Faculty are eligible to apply (including those with a MSE research grant or an active MEG). A faculty member can only be awarded one (1)  Mini-Grant per year and funds must be used prior to the end of the fiscal year. 8

University (BYU) Research Grant Opportunities

Submission Date Funding Source Grant Information  Amount & Length of Funding Links Restrictions  
September 30th Harold B Lee Library (HBLL) Student Research Grant The Library Student Research Grant program encourages outstanding student achievement in research, fosters information literacy, and stimulates original scholarship. Grant recipients will be mentored by a librarian as they make use of the services, resources, and collections of the Harold B. Lee Library. up to $1,500; awards announced by Oct. 15th and project must be completed by August 1st Application Information Undergraduate or graduate students may apply.  Mentorship of a faculty member and librarian is required. A letter of support is required and  should state how this research paper will benefit you and will contribute to research in your field of study.  
October 31st Scholarly and Creative Work Grants Eliza R. Snow Grant
David O. McKay Grant
John A. Widstoe Grant
J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Grant
Emmeline B. Wells Grant
Maximum amount of each award will be $25,000; 1-2 years Application Information Can only apply for one grant. Please review website for specific eligibility criteria. -
October 31st TechPrep Foundation Foundation seeks to fund late-stage research projects that have commercial promise. Managed by BYU Technology Transfer Office and ORCA.   Not Specified

Applicant Information

Budget Template

Top applicants will each make 15 minute presentation to the judges followed by a 15 minute Q & A.  Recipients agree to waive a portion of intellectual property income (37.5% rather than 45%) to fund future grants.  
October 31st Women's Research Initiative Grants These grants are only for full-time BYU faculty in a CFS-track position to support research and creative work focusing on women. $5,000; 1 year Application Information Funds may not be used for faculty salary.  

December 7th        Letter of Intent (required)

January 25th Proposal

Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Origination Awards Teams of faculty from at least 3 different departments and 2 or more colleges can submit proposals that create a strong potential for external funding, will produce significant scientific and societal impacts, have a clearly articulated problem statement, identify measures of success and achievable milestones, and build or strengthen diverse IDR partnerships. $60,000 each year for 2 years Application Information Partnerships may include other universities but funds cannot be used to pay external faculty salaries.  Awarded teams must submit at least one proposal for external funding by the end of the project period.    

Proposals due to the MSE Associate Dean via

December 1st

Graduate Mentoring Assistantship (GMA) The GMA is designed for a faculty member to mentor a graduate student who, in turn, mentors undergraduates. One of the motivations for this category of award is to facilitate the involvement of graduate students in assisting undergraduates with off-campus activities, but that is not a criterion. Up to  $15,000 for 1 year

Program Webpage 

Program Information 

MSE proposal submission information 

This Graduate Studies grant is for a faculty member to mentor a graduate student who, in turn, mentors undergraduates. -
January 15th High Impact Doctoral Research Assistantship (Must be a faculty/student joint application) This Graduate Studies award is designed to recruit non-BYU originating PhD graduate students. The applicant must agree to be supervised by a faculty member who has an active research program. Faculty members are encouraged to use the HIDRA program to recruit high-quality applicants. $30,000/year for a maximum of 3 years Application Information Applicants restricted to students whose undergraduate education was obtained at other institutions (non-BYU originating students). -
March 15th Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Grants (Faculty and Student) The Charles Redd Center provides awards, fellowships, and grants in a variety of categories to individuals engaged in a wide variety of disciplines. Award amounts vary (see link); 1 year Application Information Research must center on the American West (with a focus on Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, or Colorado). Please review website for specific eligibility criteria. -