Scientific Review Committee

The McKay School of Education Scientific Review Committee (SRC) has been created following a request made by the BYU Institutional Review Board and has been formed under the direction of Dean Prater.  The SRC is made up of two to three faculty members from each MSE department who will be asked to review the IRB applications submitted by principal investigators from each respective department.  Beginning May 1, 2019, all IRB applications must be submitted first to by the first day of each month for review.  Once the application has been approved, the principal investigator will submit the IRB application and the signed SRC checklist to the IRB. 

Members of the SRC are as follows:

Name Department
Sarah Clark, Chair TEd
Blake Hansen CPSE
Christopher Dromey ComD
Eric Bybee TEd
Isaac Calvert EDLF
Juan Freire TEd
Katy Cabbage ComD
Buddy Richards EDLF
Michael Owens EDLF
Peter Rich IPT
Ross Larsen IPT
Tim Smith CPSE

Please see the two documents below.  The first document describes the SRC procedures and the other document is the SRC checklist that SRC members will use to review each IRB application. 

  1. SRC Procedures
  2. SRC Checklist

Please don't hesitate to contact with questions.