Hop to a Popcorn Shop

Hop to a Popcorn Shop

Hop to a Popcorn Shop
Target text


Read and write words that end with -op.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • pop
  • shop
  • stop
  • hop
  • top
  • drop


  • Unpopped popcorn kernels (if using microwave popcorn, save the unpopped kernels after popping)
  • Pictures of popcorn*
  • Printout of a popcorn box* or plain paper rolled and fastened into a cone to hold popcorn
  • Hop to a Popcorn Shop sentence strip*
  • Shop signs*
  • Hot air popcorn popper, microwave oven, or a pot to use to pretend to pop popcorn
  • Popped popcorn (if not popping in the activity) or paper to tear and crumple
  • Word-building cards*
  • Hop to the Popcorn Shop target text*
  • The -op Popcorn activity within the Hideout: Early Reading app installed on an iPad (optional)

*Items included below.

The children will hop to a popcorn shop and read and write words that end in -op, such as pop, stop, hop, and top.

Literacy Activities
Hop with popcorn kernels

  • Before the activity, place the shop signs (found below) at stations around the room and set up the Popcorn Shop with a pretend or real popcorn popper.
  • Help the children read the written direction to "Hop to a popcorn shop" and explain that they will hop to find a shop that will pop popcorn.
  • Give the children a popcorn box (found below) or a cone with a few real or pretend popcorn kernels.
  • As the children hop to find a popcorn shop, invite them to chant, "Hop, hop, hop to a popcorn shop!"
  • Comment on how the popcorn kernels hop as the children hop.
  • Tell the children to put a top (a lid or hand) over the popcorn container so the kernels won't hop out.

Stop at different shops

  • Have the children hop to the Top Shop and then to the Mop Shop and stop to read the shop signs.
  • Ask the children if they think that the Top Shop or Mop Shop would pop and sell popcorn.
  • When the children can't buy popcorn at a shop, encourage them to hop to the next shop as they chant, "Hop, hop, hop to a popcorn shop!"
  • When the children reach the Popcorn Shop, have them read the sign and exclaim, "Stop! Stop! Stop! We're at the Popcorn Shop!"
  • Have the children plop down in the area that is set up as the Popcorn Shop.

Pop popcorn at the popcorn shop

  • If using a hot air popper, let the children drop a few kernels in the popper before you turn it on and encourage the children to say, "Pop!" each time they see popcorn pop.
  • If cooking microwave popcorn, let the children hop and say, "Pop!" as they hear the popcorn pop.
  • If pretending to pop popcorn, let the children drop a few kernels into the pot, cover with a lid, jiggle the pot to make the pretend popcorn hop and pop, and invite the children to hop and say, "Pop!"
  • Help the children fill their popcorn boxes with real or pretend popcorn until you say "Stop!"

Hop back from the popcorn shop and let the popcorn hop   

  • Have the children make a top for the box with their hand or a piece of paper.
  • Comment on how the top will keep the popcorn from hopping out.
  • Let the children hop back to a designated spot.

More Practice
Identify, blend, and manipulate sounds

  • Using the word-building cards (found below), let the children make different -op words by changing of the beginning or ending consonant or the vowel.  
    • Change the beginning consonant: hoppop; topmop; poptop
    • Change the vowel: top→ tiptap
    • Change the ending consonant: hophog; poppot; mopmom
  • For each of the words the children make, have them state the individual sounds they hear and then blend those sounds back into the word.

Read target words and patterns introduced in the activity

  • Read the Hop to the Popcorn Shop target text (found below) to the children.
    • Engage the children in reading the text with you.
    • Read the text with the children again but fade support. 
    • Have the children underline and read the words in the text that end in -op
  • Present the -op activity from the Hideout: Early Reading app on an iPad.
  • Have children use the app to pop virtual popcorn and read and build -op words.

Write about the activity using target words and phrases 

  • Review the words used in the activity (e.g., hop, pop, stop, shop, top, mop) and then help the children write the words on paper or on the picture of popcorn (found below).
  • Provide a word wall with the target -op words listed and ask the children to use these words to write about how they got to hop to shops and pop popcorn.
  • Let the children use a word wall to write about their experience using one of the following story starters:  
    • "We got some popcorn kernels in a popcorn box. But the popcorn was not popped. So . . ." 
    •  "Today we got to hop to lots of shops. We got to hop to . . ." 
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SEEL Target Texts

Hop to a Popcorn Shop

Let's hop to a popcorn shop.  
Get some popcorn kernels.
Hop, hop, hop to the shop.
See the popcorn kernels hop.
Stop at the popcorn shop.
Pop the popcorn at the shop.
Say, "STOP, popcorn! STOP!"
Fill the popcorn box to the top.
Hop, hop, hop with a lid on top. 
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SEEL At Home


Read and write words that end with -op.


  • A few loose popcorn kernels in a cup (if making microwave popcorn, save unpopped kernels after popping)
  • Popcorn to make, premade popcorn, or crumpled paper to look like popcorn
  • Hot air popcorn popper or microwave
  • Cooking pot with metal or cardboard lid (if pretending to pop popcorn)
  • Bubble wrap (optional)
  • Pictures of popcorn*
  • Word-building cards*

*Items found below.

Activity: Hop to the Popcorn Shop

  • Invite your child to hop to the popcorn shop (kitchen) with you to pop some popcorn.
  • Put a few kernels of popcorn in a cup for your child to carry while he or she hops to the popcorn shop.
  • Help your child drop the popcorn kernels into an unheated hot air popper then start the popper or pop microwave popcorn.
  • If popping real popcorn, have your child watch it pop and say "Pop!" as the popcorn pops. 
  • If pretending, put kernels in a pot, cover the pot with a lid, and shake the pot while your child hops in place or on bubble wrap and says "Pop!"
  • Eat (or pretend to eat) popcorn as you take turns thinking of words that end in -op (e.g., pop, stop, hop).
  • Using the word-building cards (found below), invite your child to build and read -op words with you and independently.
  • Help your child write the words they created on the pictures of popcorn.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.