grow green grass

Grow Green Grass

Grow Green Grass
Target text


Read, write, and identify words beginning with the /gr/ blend.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • grow
  • grab
  • grid
  • grip
  • grass
  • green


  • Empty egg cartons (cut into thirds)
  • Grass seeds
  • Green grass already growing in little pots or cups, or a photo/video
  • Water (preferably in a spray bottle)
  • Dirt (in a bowl)
  • Plastic spoons
  • Green Grass Graph*
  • Word cards*

*Items included below.

State the Objective

Tell the children that they will grow green grass as they listen for, read, and write the /gr/ blend at the beginning of words.

Literacy Activities

Introduce target words

  • Read the target words with the children: grow, grab, grid, grip, green, and grass.
  • Lay out the word cards (see below) and have the children pick out words that begin with the /gr/ blend.

Grow green grass

  • Show the children the grass seeds and the green grass or photo/video.
  • Say, “Isn’t it great how green grass grows? It started as grass seeds and now it is green grass!”
  • Let the children spoon dirt into the egg cartons. 
  • Point out that the spaces in the egg cartons make a grid.
  • Have the children grab a few grass seeds and press them into the dirt.
  • Let the children take turns spraying water onto the seeds.
  • Comment on how the seeds will grow gradually (or a little at a time).
  • Place the egg cartons in a sunny location and have the children observe how the green grass grows.

Write about the activity

  • Help the children fill out the Green Grass Graph (see below) by measuring how tall their grass has grown and drawing a picture on the graph.
  • Instruct the children to make notes using complete sentences, using as many /gr/ words as possible.
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