rent a tent

Rent a Tent
Target text


Read, write, and identify words ending in the /nt/ blend.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • tent
  • rent
  • cent
  • sent
  • went
  • spent


  • Old sheet with a slit to make a vent
  • Envelope or box labeled "From: Kent"
  • Pennies
  • Word cards*
  • Rent a Tent sign*
  • Word blending cards*
  • A Cent to Rent a Tent target text*

*Items included below. 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will spend a cent to rent a tent and that they will read and write words that end in /nt/, such as tentrent, and sent.  

Literacy Activities
Set up a tent with a vent

  • Tell the children that a friend named Kent sent a tent and exclaim, "A tent! Kent sent a tent. I present you with the tent!"
  • Present the tent (sheet with a slit to be a vent) labeled "From: Kent."
  • Help the children set up the tent and point out the vent or vents. 
  • Explain that a vent is an opening that lets air come in and out.
  • Show the word cards (found below) to the children and read them together.
  • Let the children pretend to be Kent and put the words that end in /nt/ through the vent in the tent.

Rent time in a tent for a cent

  • Read the Rent a Tent sign with the children.
  • Explain that rent means to pay money to be able to use something.
  • Tell the children that they will pay one cent to rent time in the tent and read the words that Kent sent through the vent.
  • Pass out pennies and let the children take turns renting the tent and reading an -nt word that Kent sent through the vent.
  • Make comments such as the following:
    • Bend down to get into the tent.
    • You went in the tent!
    • You got to rent the tent for a cent.
    • You spent a cent to rent the tent.

Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • With word blending cards (found below), have the children make new words by changing the vowel or the beginning consonant:
    • tent --> cent; bent --> dent; rent --> went; sent --> vent; cent --> spent
    • tent --> tint; rent --> rant --> runt

Read target words in a text

  • Read the target text A Cent to Rent a Tent (found below) with the children.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Have the children underline the words that end in –nt.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns.

  • Have the children write words from dictation: tentrentcentsentventspentwentbentdent.
  • Ask the children to write about renting a tent (e.g., "I spent a cent to..." (rent a tent, send a note through the vent)).
  • Engage the children in interactive writing about their experience. 
    • Kent _____ (sent) a box with a _____ (tent).
    • We _____ (sent) words through a _____ (vent) in the _____ (tent).
    • We got to _____ (rent) the _____ (tent) for a _____ (cent).
    • We spent            (a cent) to               (rent the tent).
    • We got to read the words that              (Kent) sent through the             (vent).
    • I spent a cent to... (rent a tent, read a word from Kent).
    • We bent down... (to get in the tent).
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SEEL Target Texts

A Cent to Rent a Tent

We got a tent.
Kent sent us the tent.
The tent has a vent.
We got to rent the tent for a cent.
We spent a cent to rent the tent.
We bent down to get into the tent.
Kent sent words through the vent.
He sent the words bentwenttentrentvent, and sent.
We read the words Kent sent through the vent.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.