on the dock


Read and write words ending with the -ck digraph.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • snack
  • sack
  • dock
  • rock
  • stick
  • quick


  • Snacks (e.g., cheese sticks, pretzel sticks, sticks of candy) or pictures of snacks 
  • Lunch sacks
  • Large towel for pretend dock
  • Rocks and sticks or pictures of rocks and sticks 
  • Dock and sunblock graphics 
  • Word cards 
  • Index cards or small pieces of paper
  • On the Dock target text 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will pretend to eat snacks on a dock and read and write words ending with –ck, such as snack, sack, dock, rock, stick, and quick.

Literacy Activities
Rocks, sticks, and snacks on the dock

  • Write the words dock, rock and stick on the board, point out the -ck, and explain that c and k written together make the /k/ sound. 
  • Lay a large towel on the floor as a pretend dock and put rocks, sticks, and sunblock on it (use real objects or graphics below).
  • Invite the children sit on the "dock" and toss rocks and sticks into pretend water.
  • Say, “Quick! Get the sunblock!” and have the children to pretend to put on sunblock.
  • Have the children pack real or pretend snacks in a paper sack.
  • Let the children sit on the "dock" and eat the snacks from the sack.
  • Help the children label the graphics dock, rock, stick, sunblock, and snack, and underline the -ck at the end of each word.

Words in a sack

  • Label three paper sacks –ick, –ack, and –ock.
  • Have the children take turns reading a word card then have them put the card in the sack with the matching word ending.
  • Give the children paper sacks and index cards or small pieces of paper.
  • Let the children use a -ck wordlist to write words like snack, sack, dock, rock, stick, and quick on index cards or paper and put them in their sacks.
  • Ask the children to trade sacks then have them sit on the pretend dock and read the words on the cards in the sack to a partner.

More Practice
Read target words in a text

  • Read the On the Dock target text to the children. 
  • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you.
  • Read the text together again fading support. 
  • Have the children list the words from the text spelled with -ck.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Have the children use the -ck wordlist they created and help them write a sentence or two expressing ideas from the lesson (e.g., I like to eat my snack on the dock).

SEEL Target Texts

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On the Dock

There once was a boy named Jack.
He wanted to have a snack.
He put on sunblock
And went to the dock,
And ate the snack in his sack.
There once was a boy named Rick.
Who liked to carry a stick.
He went to the dock
And sat on a rock
And threw in his stick; he’s quick.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.A: Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.B: Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words.