Thankful for Teeth


Read and write words spelled with the digraph th.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • think
  • thing
  • thankful
  • tooth


  • Tooth graphics (see below)
  • Word cards (see below)
  • I am Thankful target text and Tooth Booth target text (see below)

State and model the objective
Tell the children that they will think of things they are thankful for and they will read and write words spelled with th: think, thing, thankful, tooth.

Practice the skill within an activity

  • Thankful for teeth
    • Read the text I am Thankful to the children and have them underline the words spelled with th.
    • Ask the children to think of something they are thankful for.
    • Tell the children that they will pretend to give teeth to a tooth fairy who is thankful for teeth.
    • Instruct the children to make signs saying This Way, That Way, Over There, and Tooth Booth.
    • Set up a path to a pretend tooth booth using the signs.
    • Allow the children to pretend to walk along the path to the tooth booth and give three teeth (see graphics below) to the tooth fairy.
    • Have the children label each tooth graphic by writing tooth on the picture.
  • Think of a thing
    • Read the word cards with the children and point out that every word has the letters th which make the /th/ sound.
    • Give the children clues to guess words spelled with th and have them find the word card (see below) that goes with each clue:
      • Think of a thing in your mouth that you use to chew: tooth
      • Think of a thing you use to take a bath: bathtub
      • Think of a thing that is a seat for a king: throne
      • Think of how you feel when you want a drink: thirsty
      • Think of the number that comes after two: three
      • Think of the opposite of thick: thin
      • Think of a word that means to melt: thaw
      • Think of a thing on rose stems that is sharp: thorn
      • Think of things you might use to sew: thread, thimble
      • Think of how you feel when you get a present: thankful
      • Think of a word that means the front of the neck: throat

Apply the skill

  • Read target words in texts (see below)
    • Read the text Tooth Booth to the children.
    • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you.
    • Read the text Tooth Booth again fading support.
    • Have the children make a list of the words from the text with the letters th.
  • Write about the activity using target words/patterns
    • Help the children create a word wall (or use one previously created) of words spelled with th (i.e., think, thing, thankful, mother, father, brother, thumb, bathtub, tooth, booth, path, three).
    • Have the children write a sentence about something they are thankful for using words from the word wall (e.g., I am thankful for thumbs).

SEEL Target Texts

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I am Thankful

I am thankful for many things.
I am thankful for my mother.
I am thankful for my father.
I am thankful for brothers.
I am thankful for the earth.
I am thankful for bathtubs.
I am thankful for thumbs.
I am thankful for teeth.
What are you thankful for?

Tooth Booth

Did you lose a tooth?
Find the tooth fairy at her tooth booth.
Follow the path to the tooth booth.
Go this way.
Go that way.
Go over there.
Give the tooth to the tooth fairy at the tooth booth.
The tooth fairy is thankful for teeth!



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.A: Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.B: Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words.