mute that flute

Mute That Flute

Mute That Flute
Target text


Read and write words spelled with the 

long-usilent-e vowel pattern.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • lute
  • mute
  • tube
  • tune
  • cute
  • flute


  • Straws cut in half  
  • Paper towel roll or rolled up paper 
  • Cube-shaped box or block
  • Lute graphic
  • Flute graphic 
  • Music sign 
  • Mute sign 
  • Play a Tune target text
  • Mute that Flute! target text
  • A lute (instructions below)

State and Model the Objective
The children will play a flute, tube, cube, or lute while they read and write words spelled with the long-usilent-e vowel pattern such as, mute, tune, flute, and cute.  

Literacy Activities
Play music on a flute, tube, lute, or cube

  • Show how a straw can be a pretend flute.
  • Show how to play a tune on the lute.
  • Allow children to bang on a cube-shaped box or block.
  • Demonstrate how to play a tune on a tube by blowing across the top of the paper towel roll or rolled up paper.
  • Let the children play a flute, tube, lute, or cube.
  • Comment that it could be rude to play loud and that they should mute the sound and not be rude.

Mute the sound of the flute, tube, or lute

  • Explain that when someone mutes a flute, tube, or lute, they make it quieter.
  • Organize a flute, lute, cube, and tube band. 
  • Show how to mute, or quiet, the sound by placing a hand on the vibrating flute, tube, or lute. 
  • Hold up the Music sign when the children are to make music. 
  • Hold up the Mute sign when the children should lower or muffle the sound. 

More Practice 
Read target words/patterns introduced in the activity

  • Show words containing the long-usilent-e pattern: tune, flute, mute, cute, lute, glue, true, rule, due, tube, use, blue, clue, rule, cube, duke, mule, dude, rude.
  • Read the words together as a class.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Read the Play a Tune target text to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the target text with you.
  • Instruct the children to write words on the paper flute or tube as you say them: tune, flute, mute, lute, cube, tube, rude.
  • Fading support as needed, help the children read the target text Mute that Flute!
  • Instruct the children to write a sentence or two about what they did using words spelled with the long-usilent-e vowel pattern.

How to Make a Lute 

  1. Take an empty tissue box and cut out a hole on one side. 
  2. Attach string or rubber bands on the inside of the hole. 
  3. Attach a paper towel roll to the top of the box to form the handle.
  4. Begin to strum! 


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SEEL Target Texts

Play a Tune

Use anything to play a tune.
Use a tube to make a flute.
Bang on a cube to make a drum.
Use a box to make a lute.
Now play your tune and don’t be rude! 
Play a tune on a flute, cube, or lute!

Mute That Flute!

We played a tune on a lute, tube, cube, and flute.
But we broke a rule: no loud tunes.
It might be rude to play loud.
We had to mute our tune.
Mute the flute.
Mute the cube.
Mute the tube.
Mute the lute.
Play a quiet tune on a lute, tube, cube, or flute. 
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