Target text


Read and write words with the long -ee vowel pattern.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • bee
  • eek
  • meet
  • peek
  • seek
  • tree
  • greet


  • Word cards*
  • Pictures of mouse and cheese*
  • Mouse hole cutout*
  • Sometimes I Say, “EEK!” target text*
  • EEK! A Mouse! target text*

*Item included below.

State and Model the Objective
The children will say “EEK!” when they feel surprised, scared, or creeped out and will read and write words with the long -ee vowel, such as bee, see, tree, feel, sweet, meet, and greet.
Literacy Activities
Keep or do not keep

  • Read the word cards (found below) with the children and point out the -ee vowel.
  • Separate the children into groups with a set of word cards that are face down.
  • Tell the children to take turns picking up a word card, turning it face up, and reading it out loud.
  • If the word card has the -ee vowel, tell the children to say “Keep!” and then to keep the card.
  • If it doesn’t have the -ee vowel, tell the children to not keep the card and to discard it.

Take a peek

  • Hold up the pictures of the mouse and cheese and the mouse hole cutout (all found below).
  • Tell the children they will peek through their fingers to see what they can see.
  • Allow the children to peek at the mouse and say, “EEK! Creepy!”
  • Comment that the mouse is trying to seek cheese and words with -ee.  
  • Let the children read words with the long ee and put them in the hole.
  • Have the children take a peek at word cards through the mouse’s hole.

Hide and seek

  • Cut out the pictures of the mouse and cheese and hide the cheese (found below).
  • Tell the children they will play hide and seek and help the mouse find the cheese.
  • Tell all the children to meet and greet the mouse and see that the mouse is not creepy.
  • Tell the children to help seek the cheese for the mouse and say,  “Gee! I found the cheese.”
  • Pretend to let the mouse eat the cheese and go to sleep.

More Practice
Read target words in a text

  • Read the target text Sometimes I Say, “EEK!” (found below) to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the text with you.
  • Read the target text again, fading support.
  • Repeat with EEK! Keep Away from Me! (found below).

Write about the activity using target words and patterns

  • Display target words on a word wall (e.g., mouse, creepy, creep, eek, sweet, see, feel, glee, meet, greet, flee, gee, sleep, keep, need, gee, peek, meet, greet, feel, tree, bee).
  • Suggest ideas the children can write about, such as a time when they . . .
    • Got a peek at a mouse and wanted to seek, meet, and greet the mouse.
    • Saw a creepy mouse, yelled “Eek,” and wanted to flee.
    • Got a peek at a mouse: 
      • See a mouse creep along.
      • Peek to see the creepy mouse.
      • Play hide and seek with the mouse.
      • See that the mouse needs cheese. 
      • Seek cheese because the mouse needs cheese. 
      • Keep cheese out for the mouse.
      • Meet and greet the mouse.
      • See that the mouse is not creepy.   
      • Let the mouse eat and go to sleep.
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SEEL Target Texts

EEK! Keep Away from Me!

EEK! I see a mouse!
It peeks out at me.
Keep away from me, mouse!
Does it want to meet and greet me?
I think it just wants to play hide and seek with me.
Maybe it needs some cheese
I put out some cheese.
I peek to see if it will come to the cheese.
I keep still so I can see it.  
I want to meet and greet it.
Eek! I see it!
Maybe I don’t want to meet and greet the mouse.

Sometimes I Say, “EEK!”

When do I say “EEK?”
I say EEK when I . . . see a bee and want to flee.
Or feel a creepy spider web that I can’t see.
Or get stuck in a tree and can’t get free.
Or get a peek at a beast that I don’t want to meet.
Or see that a bear wants to meet and greet me.
Or have a bug creep on me when I want to sleep.
Maybe I’ll tuck my head under the sheets and just sleep and sleep.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.