a goat moans and groans

A Goat Moans and Groans

A Goat Moans and Groans
Target text


Read and write words with the long o vowel -oa.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • toad
  • goat
  • road
  • moan
  • soak
  • groan


  • Pictures of a road* or strips of paper to make a road 
  • Picture of a goat*
  • Pictures of oa words to be a load*
  • Word-building cards*
  • A Goat with a Load target text*
  • A Goat Moaned and Groaned target text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will help a goat carry a load along a road and will read and write words with -oa, such as toad, road, moan, groan, cloak, coat, soap, boat, and goat.
Literacy Activities
Help a goat with a load

  • Place the goat picture on the road picture (both found below) or on a road made from strips of paper.
  • State that the goat roams along a road and loads up with things it finds on the road.
  • Let the children load up the goat with the coat, boat, cloak, and soap pictures (found below).
  • Pretend to have the goat . . .
    • moan and groan about the load.
    • get rid of the load.
    • boast about how the load was actually easy.
  • After the goat gets rid of its load, it . . .
    • hangs up a coat and cloak.
    • soaks in a bath with soap.
    • floats his boat on soapy foam.
    • snacks on oats and toast.

Write words from dictation

  • Have the children write words from dictation that are spelled with -oa (e.g., goat, oak, moat, oat, coach, goal, coal, toast, float, soak, croak, throat, boat, gloat).

More Practice
With word-building cards (found below), have the children make new words by changing either of the consonants:

  • Change the beginning consonant: toad→ road, boat→ goat, boast→ coast, coal→ goal
  • Change the ending consonant(s): oaf→ oak, loan→ load, soap→ soak, coat→ coast

Load children up with words

  • Have the children write -oa words on strips of paper (e.g., toad, road, boat, goat, boast, coast, loan, soap, soak, coat, groan, moan, foam, cloak, float, croak, coach, toast).
  • Let the children read the words to a classmate and load up that friend with the words.
  • Let the children pretend that they are carrying a heavy load.

Read target words in texts

  • Engage the children in reading the target text A Goat with a Load (found below) as a group.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Repeat the activity with A Goat Moaned and Groaned (found below).

Write about the activity using target words and patterns

  • Let the children write about the goat and see if they can include some of these words: toad, road, moan, groan, cloak, coat, boat, soap, soak, float, croak, boast, load, loan, and foam.
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SEEL Target Texts

A Goat Moans and Groans

There once was a goat with a great big load.
It carried a coat, a cloak, a boat, and some soap.
The goat moaned and groaned about its load.
It wanted to get home to soak in a foamy soapy bath and float its boat.
Along came a friend who helped the goat to carry the load.
The goat no longer moaned and groaned .
From that day on, the goat boasted about its best friend who helped with the load.

A Goat with a Load

One day I saw a great big goat.
It was roaming down a road.
It carried a heavy load.
I helped that tired goat carry its load.
I carried some of the load.  
It was a very happy goat.  
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