Take the Car to the Park

Take the Car to the Park
Target text


Read and write words with the r-controlled vowel spelled -ar.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • car
  • far
  • park
  • mark
  • dart
  • start
  • party


  • Toy car or picture of car*
  • Location cards*
  • Streets made with markers, chalk, or masking tape
  • Picture of a town*
  • Cards with -ar words and phrases*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
The children will drive cars to places, park their cars, and then read and write words with -ar, such as car, start, farm, barn, and card. 

Literacy Activities
Mark the cars with -ar words 

  • Have children write -ar words on their picture of a car (found below).
  • Let the children make marks or put stars on the -ar cars.  

Decide where to go

  • Have each child pick a location card (found below).  
  • Have the children read the location out loud. 
  • Have the children write a sentence using their location (e.g., “The car will go to the market,” “We will go to the yard sale.”).

Set up marts and markets on streets

  • Display the Start a Town target text (found below) and read it with the children. 
  • Let the children make a map on paper or on the ground with chalk or masking tape (example found below).
  • Provide a word wall that the children can use for names of streets and stores that contains the words market, smart, star, park, card, dart, cart, part, party, snack, carpet, street, mart, shop, and bar.
  • Let the children mark and name places on the map (e.g., Art Market, Carpet Market, Car Parts Mart, Party Mart, Yarn Mart, Smart Street, Star Street, Park Street, Card Shop, Dart Shop, snack bar, yard sale, farm).
  • Have the children write Parking near each mart or market (optional).

Start to get to the end mark

  • Give the children a toy car or a picture of a car (found below) and a picture of a town (found below).
  • Read the Let’s Start and Get to the End Mark target text (found below) to the children.
  • Have the children follow along the picture of the town with a finger as you read the text so that they can get from the start to the end mark.
  • Let children read where the car will go: to the market, yard sale, farm, garden, party mart, and park. 

More Practice
Read target words in texts

  • Read the Start Your Car! target text (found below) to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the text together.
  • Identify words in the text with -ar.
  • Read the text together again, fading support.

Is it far?

  • Ask the children questions about how far away certain places are using the picture of the town (e.g., “Far,” “Not far,” “Very far,” or “A little far.”).
  • Have the children write their answers similarly to the examples below:
    • “Is the park far from the start?”→  “Yes, the park is very far from the start.”
    • "Is the yard sale far from the snack bar?"→ “No, the yard sale is not far from the snack bar.”
    • "Is the farm far from Party Mart?"→ “The farm is a little far from Party Mart.”
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SEEL Target Texts

Let’s Start and Get to the End Mark

We want to take the car to the park.
Let’s start at the snack bar.
Let’s buy a jar of jam and granola bars.
On the way, let’s stop by a yard sale and look for some art books or yarn. 
Then let’s stop at the farmer’s market to buy fruit to take to the park.
Let’s also make a quick stop at Party Mart for paper plates and cups.
We made it to the park! 
We reached our end mark!

Start Your Car!

It is time to start your car.
Start your car!
Pick a place to go: a snack bar, a park, a farm?
How far will your car go?
Will the car make it to Party Mart?
Will the car go as far as Smart Street?
Will the car go to Dart Shop?  
Will the car go to Art Market?
Will it go to a yard sale, a carpet market, a car part mart?
Maybe your car will go far and park at the park.
Play at the park till it gets dark.
It is time to start your car again.

Start a Town

What do we see in a town?
A town has streets, parking spaces, markets, marts, parking lots, and a park.
We might find a Park Street, Smart Street, or Star Street.
What streets will you have in your town?
The park could be far or not far away from Carpet Market.
The farmers market might be far away from the park.   
Where will you put Art Market and Card Shop?
Will the snack bar be far or not far away from Party Mart?  
Will you put a parking lot and parking spots next to Art Market
Will you have a Dart Shop, a Car Part Mart, and a Yarn Mart?
Will you have a farm and will the farm have a garden?
Will you put a yard sale in a yard in the town?
Will it be hard to make a town?
This town will have streets and marts and markets. What a wonderful town!
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.