dream about a beach

Target text


Read and write words that make the long e sound and are spelled ea.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • sea
  • leap
  • beach
  • dream
  • peach
  • reach


  • Picture cards with ea words*
  • A Dream about a Beach target text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will act out a story about a dream on a beach and read and write words with the long e vowel spelled ea, such as dream, beach, please, sea, reach.

Literacy Activities
Dream of the beach

  • Write the words beach and dream and point out that the ea makes the long e sound.
  • Write “I had a dream about a beach” on the board. 
  • Have the children read the words on the picture cards (found below).

Leap for the beach
Ask the children to make word cards with ea words (e.g., beach, dream, sea, peach, reach, eat, beam, leap, beat, bean, mean, heal, seat, clean, steal, beak).
Have the children, in groups, place their word cards on the floor.
Let the children read the words and decide if they will reach for or leap over the words. 

Read target words 
Read the A Dream about a Beach target text (found below) to the children.
Read the text again as a group. 
Have the students find the ea words.

Write about the activity 
Display a word wall with ea words (e.g., beach, dream, ice cream, eat, peach, sea, leap, reach, seat).
Have the students rewrite A Dream about a Beach (optional).
Ask the children to write about being at a beach using ea words from the word wall (e.g., “I took a seat at the beach,” “I saw fish in the sea”).

SEEL Target Texts

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A Dream about a Beach

I had a dream.
You were in my dream!
In my dream, we went to the beach.
On the beach, I was eating a peach.
You wanted to eat a peach too.
So we took a seat on the beach to eat our peaches.
Then we wanted ice cream.
So we got some and took a seat on the beach to eat our ice cream.
After eating our peaches and ice cream, we played in the sea.
We saw birds with yellow beaks flying over the sea.
We say fish leaping up from the sea.
We had fun at the beach by the sea.
I loved that dream about the beach.



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