a rainy day

A Rainy Day
Target text


Read and write words with the long-a sound. 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • day
  • rain
  • play
  • pail
  • wait


  • Word cards*
  • Rainy Day text* 

*Items included below. 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will pretend to play in the rain as they read and write words with the long-a sound such as rain, pail, wait, play, and day

Literacy Activities
Introduce target words

  • Display a list of target -ai and -ay words. 
  • Read through the words with the children, pointing out the long-a sound. 

Play in the rain

  • Read the Rainy Day text with the children and have them act out the story.  
  • Have the children read the text again and find words that have the long-a sound; support as needed.

Use word cards to sort long-a words

  • Using word cards (see below) have the children sort the words that use the long -ai spelling from the ones that use the long -ay spelling. 
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SEEL Target Texts

Rainy Day

It is a rainy day.
It’s not fair, I say!
Rain is a pain!
I don’t want to just sit inside on a chair.
I can’t wait to go out and play.
But, I can go out and play in the rain.
I’ll put on a pair of rain boots.
I’ll slap on a rain hat.
I’ll grab a pail.
I’ll try to fill a pail with rain drops.
Maybe the rain will go all the way up to the top of the pail.
I’ll sail a paper boat in the pail filled with rain.
Or, I’ll see what can float in a pail filled with rain.
I can watch the rain go down a drain.
I can find snails that come out when it rains.  
But I can’t see a snail make a trail.
The rain washes away the snail’s slime.
Don’t wait for the rain to go away.
You may want to play all day in the rain!
You can have fun when you play in the rain.
Rain does not have to be a pain.  
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.