a plane takes flight

A Plane Takes Flight

A Plane Takes Flight
Target text


Read words with silent-e, -ay, and -igh patterns.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • day
  • sway
  • plane
  • flight
  • night
  • sight


  • Paper airplane
  • Paper clips
  • Area designated as a runway
  • Silent-e, -ay, and -igh signs*
  • Word cards*
  • When Planes Can Fly text*
  • A Plane Takes Off and Lands text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will fly a paper plane as they read words with silent-e, -ay, and -igh sounds, such as dayswayplane, right, and flight.

Literacy Activities
Make a paper plane

  • Have the children make a paper plane or use one you made.
  • Read the When Planes Can Fly target text (see below).
  • Use an area as a runway and allow the children to throw their paper planes.
  • Have the teacher place paper clips on one side of the plane to show how the plane will tip to that side.

Read target words in a text

  • Engage the children in reading the A Plane Takes Off and Lands target text (see below).
  • Have the children find words that use the silent-e and -ay sounds.
  • Let the children find the -igh pattern in the text.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Repeat with the When Planes Can Fly text (see below).

Sort words with silent-e, -ay, and -igh patterns

  • Using word cards (see below), review words used in the lesson.
  • Have the children sort the word cards to match the different patterns.
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SEEL Target Texts

A Plane Takes Off and Lands

It is a nice day for a plane ride.
It is time for the plane to take off.
A runway is the place where a plane takes off and lands.
The plane must take off on the right runway.
When a plane takes off, we can say that it takes flight.
The plane takes flight and goes high in the sky.
The plane must fly right.  
It must fly the right way to get to the right place.  
It must stay safe when it is high in the sky. 
And it must stay safe when it lands.
The plane must land on the right runway.
When it is time to land, the plane must keep the right runway in sight. 

When Planes Can Fly

To fly at night, a plane must use lights.
A plane must use lights to fly on a gray day too.
A plane may even need to use a few lights on a bright day!
A plane can’t fly with too many things in it.
It must be light.
The things on the plane must be set in the right place.
Too many things on one side might make the plane sway to that side.
When a plane uses the right lights, and things are set in the right places, it can fly at day or night.
It can fly from place to place, high in the sky.
A plane flight is a delight!
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.