A Toad Floated and Soaked


Read and write words with the oa vowel combination.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • toad
  • road
  • moan
  • croak
  • soak


Road, toad, and pond graphics (see below)

Word blending cards (see below)

A Toad Floated and Soaked target text (see below)


State and model the objective

Tell the children that they will help a toad get off a road to soak in a pond while they read and write words the words toad, road, moan, groan, soak, float.


Practice the skill within an activity

  • Get the toads out of the road
    • Have the children label each toad graphic with toad and the road graphic with road.
    • Place the toads on the road and set the pond graphic (see below) nearby.
    • Have the children moan and groan because the toads can get hurt on the road.
    • Have the children help the toads hop away from the road (to the pond).
    • Let the children write the word soak to soak a paper toad or let them write float to make the paper toad float in the pond (or on a lily pad).
    • Comment that toads use their throat to croak then let the children croak like a toad.
    • Have the children boast about how well they can croak.


Apply the skill

  • Phonological Awareness
    • Word Building:
      • With word blending cards (see below), have the children make new words by changing the vowel or either of the consonants:
        • toad --> road; moan --> groan; boast --> toast
        • oat --> oak; loan --> load; soap --> soak
  • Read target words in texts (see below)
    • Have the children write words that end in oak and oat: float, soak,
    • Engage the children in reading the text A Toad Floated and Soaked as a class/group.
    • Read the text again fading support.
    • Have the children make a list of the words with the oa vowel combination as you read the text together.
  • Write about the activity using target words/patterns
    • Give each child a paper and pencil and let them write about the toads. Have them include these words: toad, road, moan, groan, soak, float, throat, croak.

SEEL Target Texts

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A Toad Floated and Soaked

I saw a toad hop onto a road.
I did not want the toad to get hurt on the road.
So I helped the toad hop off the road and into a pond.
The toad soaked in the pond.
And he floated on a lily pad.
He used his throat to let out a croak.
He seemed happy to be off the road.
A toad should soak and float in the pond and NOT hop on the road.
I can gloat and boast about helping a toad off the road.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.B: Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.C: Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds.