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Read and write words that contain the oi and oy vowel combinations; recognize both spellings as having the same pronunciation.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • coin
  • join
  • coil
  • choice
  • avoid
  • toy
  • joy
  • boy
  • enjoy
  • annoy



  • Coins to join a game
  • Signs for the games (see below)
  • Coil a Rope game
    • Different sizes of string or rope to coil
    • Pieces of string or rope to form into letters for the vowel combinations oi and oy
  • Toss a Coin game
    • Coin
    • Word cards (see below)
  • Flip a Coin for a Toy game (for a choice to see a toy)
    • Coin
    • A few small toys or pictures of toys (see below)
    • Paper to write the choice of heads or tails on a coin
  • Word cards for a sorting words into category by spelling (see below)
  • A Coin to Join an Enjoyable Game target text (see below)

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will join a game with a coin while they read and write words that have the oi/oy vowel pattern. Make a list of words that contain oi/oy: coin, join, avoid, coil, choice, toy, joy, boy, enjoy, annoy. Emphasize that although some of these words are spelled differently they sound the same.

Practice the skill within an activity

  • Make a choice
    • Write choice on the board and point out that the word choice has the oi vowel pattern.
    • Explain that the –ce spelling at the end of choice makes the /s/ sound.
    • Set up the different games (coil a rope, toss a coin, flip a coin) with the materials and sign for each game in different areas of the room.
    • Tell the children they will pay with a coin to join a game: Toss a Coin, Coil a Rope, Flip a Coin.
    • Show the children the three games and have them read the signs for each game.
    • Tell the children to make a choice about which game to join with a coin.
    • Have the children give you a coin to join a game, and tell them to enjoy their choice.
  • Coil a Rope
    • Let the children coil different sizes of strings or ropes and time them to see how long it takes them to coil the different sizes.
    • Have the children use pieces of string/rope to form the letters in the vowel combinations oi and oy.
  • Toss a Coin
    • Cut out word cards and spread them out on the floor or leave the word cards in the grid (see below)
    • Tell the children to toss a coin onto a word and read that word or the word that is closest to the coin.
  • Flip a Coin for a Toy
    • Set out two small toys (or pictures of toys) and label them “toy 1” and “toy 2.”
    • Show the children the toys and tell them they will flip a coin to make a choice about which toy (or picture of a toy) to hold.
    • Show the children the two sides of the coin and explain that one side is called “heads” and the other is called “tails.”
    • Tell the children to write a sentence such as the following to state their choice for a toy: “If the coin shows heads then my choice is toy 1 and if the coin shows tails my choice is toy 2.” Provide support, such as a sentence frame as needed.
    • Have the children flip the coin and choose the toy (or picture of a toy) that matches their choice.
    • Repeat the game with other toys (optional).

Apply the skill

  • Sort words into categories by spelling (oi/oy)
    • Cut out the word cards (see below) for the word sort game then mix them up.
    • Have the children sort words into categories according to the oi and oy spellings.
    • Tell the children to read the words from both categories.
    • Emphasize that the two different spellings are pronounced the same in all of the words.
  • Read target words in texts (see below)
    • Engage the children in reading the text A Coin to Join an Enjoyable Game as a class/group.
    • Read the text again fading support.
    • Ask the children to listen for –oi/oy words as you read the text together.
    • Have the children make a list of the words with the –oi and oy vowel patterns in the text.
  • Write about the activity using target words/patterns
    • Give each child a paper and pencil and let them write about what they did when they made a choice to join the games to flip a coin, toss a coin, or coil a rope. Have them include these words: choice, coin, coil, join, toy, enjoy, boy.

SEEL Target Texts

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A Coin to Join an Enjoyable Game

Make a choice to play an enjoyable game.
Pay a coin to join the game.
Toss a coin on words like joy and join.
Flip a coin to make a choice to get a toy.
Coil a rope as fast as you can.
Oh boy! Enjoy the game that you got to join with a coin!



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.B: Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.C: Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds.