clowns fall down

Clowns Fall Down

Clowns Fall Down
Target text


Read and write words spelled with the -ow vowel pattern.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • down
  • town
  • gown
  • clown
  • brown
  • crown
  • frown


  • Clown graphics 
  • Crown graphics
  • Word-building cards
  • Clowns Come to Town target text
  • Cardboard stands (optional)

State and Model the Objective
The children will let clowns fall down and then read and write words containing the -ow pattern, such as clown, crown, down, frown, gown, town, and brown.
Literacy Activities
Clowns are coming to town

  • Announce that clowns are coming to town.
  • Give the children a clown graphic.
  • Let the children make brown crowns and brown gowns for their clowns.

Pretend to be clowns that frown

  • Have the children make brown crowns for themselves.
  • Let the children pretend to be clowns wearing crowns walking around town.
  • Have the children make paper frowns and be clowns with big frowns. 

Let paper clowns go upside down and land facedown

  • Tell the children that clowns like to do tricks.
  • Let the children make the clown graphics do tricks, such as go upside down (do handstands), fall down, and land facedown.
  • Point out that the clowns’ smiles turn into frowns when they turn upside down.

Count down until the clowns fall down

  • Make the paper clowns stand up and fall down.
  • Stand the clowns up, count down from three, and let the clowns fall down again.
  • Let one clown sit on top of another clown’s shoulders and fall down.
  • Count down from three and let the children pretend to be clowns who fall down.

More Practice
Identify, blend, and manipulate sounds

  • With word-building cards, have the children make new words by changing the consonants before -own:
    • down→ gown→ town, frown→ brown→ drown→ clown→ crown

Read target words in texts

  • Read the Clowns Come to Town target text to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the target text with you.
  • Read the text with the children again, fading support.
  • Help the children make a list of the -ow words that they heard.

Write about the activity using words with -ow

  • Have the children write words as you say them: clown, crown, down, frown, gown, town, brown, drown, downtown.
  • Review words with -ow.
  • Present sentence frames for the children to complete.
    • Some clowns have come to ___ (town).
    • Some clowns have ___ (frowns).
    • Some clowns wear ___ (gowns or crowns).
    • Some clowns wear brown ___ (crowns) and brown ___ (gowns).
    • When the clowns do tricks, they ___ (fall down, go upside down, frown).
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SEEL Target Texts

Clowns Come to Town

Some clowns are coming to town.
Some clowns have frowns.
Some clowns wear gowns.
Some clowns wear crowns.
Some clowns wear brown crowns and brown gowns.
The clowns do tricks.
Some clowns do handstands—they go upside down.
Some clowns sit on other clowns and then fall down.
Some clowns fall down and land facedown.
Then all the clowns frown.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.