sheep will eat a treat

Sheep Will Eat a Treat

Sheep Will Eat a Treat
Target text


Read words with the two long e spellings ee and ea.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • meat
  • neat
  • beat
  • sheep
  • wheat
  • treat
  • sheet


  • Fork or spoon
  • A chair
  • Picture of grain* or real grain kernels 
  • Mr. Bleat Eats Wheat story frame*
  • Mr. Bleat Wants to Eat target text*
  • Sheep Eat Wheat target text*
  • Take a Seat target text*
  • Sheep Out to Eat book by Nancy Shaw (optional)
  • Sheet (optional)

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective 
The children will pretend to be sheep that bleat and eat and will read and write words with the long e, such as seat, sheep, bleat, beat, treat, and neat.

Literacy Activities
Bleat like sheep with a long e

  • Illustrate how a sheep can bleat.
  • Comment on how the words sheep and bleat both have the long e sound. 
  • Illustrate two different ways to write the long e sound (e.g., ee and ea).
  • Let the children extend the long e sound as they say the words bleat and sheep.

Eat wheat

  • Read the book Sheep Out to Eat (optional) or the target text Mr. Bleat Wants to Eat (found below).
  • Make and put on the name tag that says Mr. Bleat and tell the students that you are a sheep.
  • State that sheep eat wheat and treats but not meat. 
  • Place a sheet (optional) on the floor and make it neat.
  • Place a seat on the sheet with a picture of wheat (found below) or real kernels of grain on the seat.
  • Tell the children to invite Mr. Bleat to eat some wheat on a sheet.

More Practice
Read and enact texts

  • Read Mr. Bleat Wants to Eat and Sheep Eat Wheat (found below) with the props.
  • Let the children pretend to be sheep, beat (shake) wheat, and eat some wheat or a treat.
  • Invite the children to read the text with you.

Write about sheep using long ea and ee words

  • Fill out the Mr. Bleat Eats Wheat story frame.
    • Mr. Bleat is a _____ (sheep).
    • Mr. Bleat sits on a ____ (sheet).
    • Mr. Bleat eats ____ (wheat) and a _____ (treat).
    • Mr. Bleat is a _____(sheep) and sheep do not eat ____(meat).
    • When Mr. Bleat eats, it is NOT ______(neat).
  • Make two lists: one of long ea words and one of long ee words.
  • Ask the children to write about how and what sheep might eat by referring to a word wall with these words: sheep, bleat, eat, keep, neat, wheat, please, sheet, seat, treat, and meat.
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SEEL Target Texts

Mr. Bleat wants to eat

Mr. Bleat wants to eat.
Sit in a seat, Mr. Bleat.
It’s time to eat.
Want to eat wheat?
Eat some wheat.
Want to eat a treat?
Eat a treat.
Want to eat meat?
No! Sheep don’t eat meat.
Mr. Bleat eats wheat and treats but not meat!

Take a Seat

Take a seat.
Time to eat wheat.
Take a seat.
Time to eat meat.
Take a seat.
Time to eat a treat
Take a seat.

Sheep Eat Wheat

Sheep take a seat.
Sheep eat wheat.
But sheep don’t eat meat.
Sheep eat a treat.
Sheep slurp and burp.
Sheep jump up and bump a seat.
Sheep spill the wheat and the treat.
The sheep are NOT neat.
They make a mess!
“Leave, sheep!”
The sheep bleat and bleat as they leave the wheat and the treat.
Sheep crunch and munch!
Sheep eat grass.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.