take a dance class and twist, swirl, and spin

Take a Dance Class and Twist, Swirl, and Spin

Take a Dance Class and Twist, Swirl, and Spin
Target text


Read a text with short and long vowel words.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • dance
  • class
  • twist
  • spin
  • twirl
  • whirl
  • swirl
  • hop
  • stop
  • spot
  • think
  • take
  • tap
  • flip
  • slip
  • skip
  • wide
  • stride
  • step
  • flop
  • plop
  • jig
  • snap
  • clap
  • leap
  • high
  • stomp


  • Open space to hold a pretend dance class
  • I Go to Dance Class target text (see below)



State and model the objective


Tell the children that toda they will take a "dance class" as they practice reading short and long vowel words together in a text.


Practice the skill within an activity

  • Dance class
    • Explain to the children that there are many different types of dance. Demonstrate one or two types of dance with twirling and whirling (ballet, modern, ballroom, etc.). Show the children short video clips of different types of dance steps. (optional)
    • Clear an area of the classroom to be a “stage” and lead the children through various dance exercises:
      • Stretch your legs out wide
      • Take wide strides across the stage
      • Leap high
      • Hop on one foot
      • Twirl, whirl, and spin around
      • Dance a jig
      • Snap, then clap, then stomp your feet
      • Skip to a certain spot then stop
      • Twist your head from side to side
      • Flip your hair
      • Slip and slide around the stage like an ice dancer
      • Shake your head, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.
      • Step to the center of the stage and take a bow
      • Optional: Make signs with the various dance exercises and hold up a sign to convey what the children should do next
    • Engage the children in shared reading of I Go to Dance Class. Let the children dance on the “stage” and act out the text as you read.
    • When the children are finished dancing, they can flop and plop to the floor and take a nap.


Apply the skill

  • Write target words
    • List several dance-related words on the board and have the children write their own story about a dance class.


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SEEL Target Texts

I Go to Dance Class

I am going to a dance class.
I get to twist and spin.
I twirl and whirl and swirl around.
Sometimes I fall and my teacher says,
“Hop up and try again!”
It is fun when you can spin.
It is fun when you can stop on just the right spot.
Next, I think I’ll take tap dance class.
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