bike and skate sale

Bike and Skate Sale

Bike and Skate Sale
Target text


Read and write silent-e words.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • bike
  • ride
  • sale
  • skate
  • store


  • Basket or picture of a basket*
  • Picture cards*
  • Race on Skates target text*
  • Bike Ride target text*

*Items included below.

State the Objective 
Tell the children that they will make bike or skate sale signs and that they will read and write silent-e words, such as bike, ride, sale, skate, and store.

Literacy Activities 
Introduce target words

  • Display a list of silent-e target words.
  • Read the words with the children.

Make bike or skate sale signs

  • Read the Race on Skates target text (see below) with the children.
  • Support the children in writing bike and/or skate sale signs (e.g., Bike and Skate Sale, Bikes for Sale, Bike Store, Skate Store Sale).
  • Have the children read each other’s signs.

Put items in a bike basket

  • Read the Bike Ride target text (see below) with the children.
  • Tell the children to read the silent-e picture cards (see below) and put them in a basket or tape them to a picture of a basket (see below).
  • Let the children write about the bike ride.
    • I can’t ___ (drive), but I can ____ (bike).
    • I bike from ____ (place) to ____ (place).
    • I don’t ____ (bike) across the ____ (line) on the road.
    • I can ride for a ____ (mile).
    • I did a ____ (chore) at the ____ (store).
    • I ____ (rode) my bike ____ (home).

Contrast the number of letters and sounds

  • List silent-e target words (e.g., bike, ride, sale, skate, store).
  • Write a silent-e word (e.g., bike) and ask:
    • How many letters does it have? (e.g., four, b + i + k + e)
    • How many sounds does it have? (e.g., three, b +ī + k)
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SEEL Target Texts

Race on Skates

I see a sale for bikes and skates.
Will we get a bike or skates?
The skates are on sale for a fine price.
The bikes are nice, but they are twice the price.
And the skates are just the right size.
I don’t see a bike my size.

We got skates.
We can get from place to place on skates.

Let’s lace up our skates and go!
Want to race on skates?
Want to glide with wide strides down the side-walk?

It’s time to go home.
Let’s race home on our skates.
We don’t want to be late!

Bike Ride

I can’t drive, but I can ride my bike.
I get to take a ride on my bike.
I can get from place to place on my bike.

When I ride my bike on the street, I don’t cross the line where cars drive.
I ride my bike on the side-walk and not on the street.
I can ride and ride for a mile.
I can ride my bike to do a chore at the store for my mom.

Now it is time to get home.
I don’t want to be late!

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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.