Target text
Race from Base to Base


Read and write -ace and -ase words with the silent e pattern. 

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • base 
  • race 
  • place 
  • space 
  • case
  • vase


  • Large word cards for bases (see below)
  • File folder marked Base Case
  • Small word cards with -ace or -ase words (see below)
  • Masking tape or chalk
  • A Base Race activity sheet (see below)
  • Small tokens (e.g., buttons or pennies)

The children will race from base to base as they read -ase and -ace words, such as place, space, race, face, case, and base
Point out that words with -ace and -ase spellings are pronounced the same.

Practice the skill within an activity
Place bases in spaces

  • Show the Base Case folder and read the -ase and -ace words on the bases (large word cards—see below).
  • Point out that the places marked with tape or chalk Xs will be spaces to place bases.
  • Read a base (word card) and arrange for children to place a base in each X-marked space.     

Pretend to race to a base 

  • Tell the children that they will pretend to race from base to base. 
  • Have the children take a place at the starting space and race in place.
  • Let a child choose a small card with an -ase or an -ace word and read it with the group.
  • Allow the child to race (trot) to the base that matches the chosen word card.
  • Let the rest of the children race in place and chant, “Race to the base with the _____ (vase).”
  • Encourage the child to race back to the starting place.
  • Have the children clap and say, “First place!” 

Let’s Race! Make a Race Activity 

  • Give small groups of children the Base Race sheet and a token.
  • Let the children choose a “home base” and write Home Base on that place. 
  • Have the children write -ase or -ace words on the other bases.
  • Let the children tell a partner where to “race” (e.g., move from the Home Base to the base that says face or space)
  • Permit the children to trade activity sheets and race again.
  • Have children write sentences such as the following: I can race to the base with the vase. I can race from base to base.

Apply the Skill
Read about the race to the base (see below)

  • Read the target text Race to the Base with the children following along.
  • Read the text with the children again, fading support.

Write -ase and -ace words 

  • Let the children mark the -ase and -ace words in the text.
  • Make a word wall that lists words that use the -ase and -ace endings.
  • Let the children write -ase and -ace words from dictation.



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Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds.

Read grade-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings.