B Bingo
Target text


Associate the uppercase letter B and lowercase letter b with the /b/ sound as in bingo, ball, and bag.


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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • bows
  • bear
  • Bingo
  • buttons
  • balloon


  • Letter cards*
  • Bingo cards*
  • B Bingo picture cards*
  • Buttons or beans (optional)

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will play Bingo as they practice saying the /b/ sound in words beginning with the letter B, such as big, buttons, and bows.

Literacy Activities
Find Bingo Bs

  • Place letter cards around the classroom.
  • Invite the children to search for the letter B and say, “/b/, /b/, /b/” when it is found.
  • Tell the children to "bring back" each letter B to help them play Bingo, and place the distractor letters in a discard pile.

Get 4 Bs in a row

  • Give each child a Bingo board.
  • Use letter B cards as the token markers (or have the children make their own token markers by writing the letter B on small scraps of paper).
  • Hold up a Bingo picture card and have the children place a token on the matching picture on their Bingo board.
  • When a child places a letter B on a picture, have them say, “B says /b/.”
  • Once children get four in a row, have them say, “B Bingo!”

More Practice
Make a B with buttons

  • Write a large letter B with glue.
  • Allow the children to stick buttons or beans on the glue while producing the /b/ sound.

Write the target letter

  • Help the children write the uppercase letter B and the lowercase letter b on paper while producing the /b/ sound.
  • Scatter the letters around the room and have the children bounce to each one while saying the /b/ sound.
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