cheerios and children

Cheerios and Children

Cheerios and Children
Target text


Associate the letters ch with the /ch/ sound (e.g., the /ch/ sound in chew, Cheerios, chant).

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • Cheerios
  • children
  • chain
  • cheer
  • chant


  • Cheerios
  • String
  • Pretend dollar bills
  • Choose a Child Chant target text
  • Small pieces of paper with a hole punched at the top

Tell the children they will make, chomp, and chew Cheerios and will practice saying the /ch/ sound in words that start with the letters ch, such as cheer, chain, child, and chew.

Literacy Activities
Charge for Cheerios

  • Write the letters ch and explain that the letters ch spelled together make the /ch/ sound.
  • Tell the children that they can hear the /ch/ sound in Cheerios and children.
  • Give each child a pretend dollar bill.
  • Tell the children they can pay a small charge for a handful of Cheerios to chomp and chew (model chomping and chewing).
  • Explain to the children that Cheerios are cheap, and that they can choose to give a pretend $1.00 to buy Cheerios.
  • Have the children put Cheerios in the palm of their hands (hands are shaped like a 'dish') and place their hand over top the ‘dish’ until they hear you chant, “Children, chomp and chew your Cheerios!”

Make a chain of children

  • Read Choose a Child Chant target text to the children.
  • Have the children stand up around the room.
  • ‘Chain’ two children together by having them link arms.
  • Choose other children to join the chain of children.
  • Cheer for the chain of children as the chain weaves around chairs and other children.

Give children a challenge to make a chain of Cheerios (optional)

  • Show the children a chain of Cheerios and tell them it is a challenge to chain cheerios together.
  • Help the children chain together a few Cheerios by looping yarn up and over the sides of a Cheerio before adding another Cheerio to the chain; loop the yarn up and over that Cheerio too.
  • Tell the children that once they finish the challenge of chaining Cheerios together, that they will NOT want to chomp and chew those Cheerios!

More Practice
Identify the target sound

  • Show the children the text for the Choose a Child Chant.
  • Have the children find and circle the letters ch throughout the chant.
  • Read the chant slowly and have the children lift their hands in a cheer each time they hear the /ch/ sound.

Write the target letter

  • Have the children write the letters ch on small pieces of paper with a hole punched at the top.
  • Allow the children to string the letters into a chain.
  • Ask the children to produce the /ch/ sound as they add ch paper to the string.
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SEEL Target Texts

Choose a Child Chant

Choose, choose, choose a child
Choose, choose, choose a child
Choose, choose, choose a child…
to join a chain of children!
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