Gorgeous Green Gown

Gorgeous Green Gown
Target text


Associate the uppercase letter G and lowercase letter g with the /g/ sound in words such as green, girl, and gloves.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • girl
  • green
  • gown
  • glue
  • go
  • gorgeous


  • Girl in a gown graphic
  • Picture cards
  • Gold and green glitter (optional)
  • Writing practice page

The children will decorate a gorgeous green gown as they practice saying the /g/ sound in words such as goat, grass, and grapes.

Literacy Activities
Decorate the green gown

  • Write the letters G and g on a whiteboard and emphasize the /g/ sound.
  • Show the children the girl in a gown graphic and explain that the girl only wants things that start with G on her gorgeous gown.
    • Explain that a gorgeous gown is a beautiful dress.
  • Let the children color the gown green.
  • Mix up the picture cards, and have the children take turns choosing a card.
  • Decide together whether each word begins with the /g/ sound. 
    • If the word begins with the /g/ sound, glue it to the green gown. 
    • If the word does not begin with the /g/ sound, discard it.
  • Have the children add gold and green glitter to the gown (optional).

More Practice
Read target words

  • As a group, write a list of all the objects glued on the gorgeous green gown, and help the children think of other words that start with the /g/ sound.
  • Read the words together, and have the children emphasize the /g/ sound as they read each word (e.g., /g/, /g/, gloves).

Write the target letter

  • Give each child a writing practice page and have them write the uppercase letter G and lowercase letter g while producing the /g/ sound (support as needed).
  • Have the children draw a picture of something that begins with the /g/ sound in the space below the letters.
  • Emphasize that the letter G makes the /g/ sound.
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SEEL At Home


Associate the uppercase letter G and lowercase letter g with the /g/ sound in words such as girl, gown, and grass.


  • Girl in a gown graphic 
  • Picture cards
  • Green crayon or marker
  • Glue
  • Glitter (optional)

Activity: Gorgeous Green Gown

  • Give your child a girl in a gown graphic and have him or her color the gown green.
  • Place the picture cards face down on a table.
  • Take turns turning the cards over, stating what they are, and then gluing them on the girl's green gown, but only if they start with G.
  • Emphasize the /g/ sound by saying phrases like, "Let's glue a ghost on the girl's green gown," or "___ goes on the girl's green gown."
  • Glue glitter on the girl's green gown (optional).
  • Write a list of all the items on the girl's green gown using a green crayon or marker. 
    • Let your child write the G at the beginning of each word on the list.
  • Read the list with your child. 
  • Ask what sound your child heard at the beginning of the words on the list (i.e., the /g/ sound).
  • Repeat the activity as desired.

Picture Cards and Girl in Gown Graphic

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