hot holiday hotcakes

Hot Holiday Hotcakes

Hot Holiday Hotcakes
Target text


Associate the uppercase letter H and lowercase h with the /h/ sound, as in hot, hair, and house.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • holiday
  • hotcakes
  • house
  • hand
  • heart
  • hair


  • Beanbag
  • Letter cards
  • Picture cards 
  • Writing practice page
  • Hot Holiday Hotcakes song
  • Music for the song "London Bridge"

The children will play a game with hotcakes (special pancakes) as they practice saying the /h/ sound in words that start with the letter H, such as hotcakes, holiday, and hand.

Literacy Activities
Play the Hot Holiday Hotcakes game

  • Place the picture cards in a bowl or hat.
  • Attach the letter cards to the beanbag and explain to the children that the letter H makes the /h/ sound in words such as hot.
  • Tell the children they will pretend the beanbag is a hotcake.
  • Have the children sit in a circle and teach them the Hot Holiday Hotcakes song to the tune of "London Bridge".
  • Turn on the music for the song "London Bridge" and have the children pass the beanbag around the circle.
  • Ask the children to say, “Hot!” as they pass the beanbag.
  • When the music stops, have the child who is holding the beanbag choose a picture card from the bowl or hat.
  • Have the children circle the letter H in the word on the picture card while saying the /h/ sound.
  • Play the game several times as desired.

More Practice
Identify the target sound in words in a text

  • Show the children the text for the song Hot Holiday Hotcakes.
  • Have the children find and circle the uppercase letter H and lowercase h throughout the text, saying the /h/ sound each time they circle a letter.

Write the target letter

  • Help the children write the uppercase letter H and lowercase h on the writing practice page.
  • Have the children produce the /h/ sound while writing the letter H.
  • Allow the children to draw a picture of an object that begins with the /h/ sound in the space below the letters (e.g., heart, hat, hand, house, hamburger, hotdog).
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SEEL Target Texts

Hot Holiday Hotcakes

Holiday hotcakes hot, hot, hot.
Hot, hot, hot,
Hot, hot, hot.
Holiday hotcakes hot, hot, hot.
Hot, hot hotcakes.
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SEEL At Home



Associate the uppercase letter H and the lowercase h with the /h/ sound.


  • Hotcake graphic
  • Paper plate 
  • Ingredients for pancake batter 

Activity: Hot Holiday Hotcakes

  • Help your child write the uppercase letter H and lowercase h on a paper plate.
  • Place the plate at one end of the room and the hotcake graphic at the other.
  • Take turns carrying the hotcakes to the plate, one at a time while producing the /h/ sound repeatedly.
  • When you get to the paper plate, say, "Hot starts with H!"
  • Write the sentence "Holiday hotcakes are hot!" and have your child circle the letter h throughout the sentence.
  • Emphasize that the letter H makes the /h/ sound. 
  • If desired, make real hotcakes (pancakes) and allow your child to practice writing the letter H in the pancake mixture with a spoon (optional).
  • The activity can be repeated several times.


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