neat new necktie

Neat New Necktie

Neat New Necktie
Target text


Associate the uppercase letter N and lowercase letter n with the /n/ sound as in necktie, neat, and note.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • new
  • necktie
  • nose
  • nest
  • news
  • nail
  • nuts


  • Net
  • Noodles or nuts 
  • Necktie graphic
  • N picture cards
  • N and non-N picture cards 

The children will make a neat new necktie as they practice saying the /n/ sound in words such as news, nest, and nail.

Literacy Activities
Make a neat new necktie

  • Hand out the paper neckties to the children. 
  • Show the children the nine N picture cards and have them attach pictures to the new necktie to make it look neat.
  • As the children attach the pictures on the necktie, ask them what they are putting on the new necktie and have them point to each letter N and say the /n/ sound.

More Practice
Make a neat N

  • Write a letter N with a glue stick.
  • Stick noodles or nuts on the glue while producing the /n/ sound.

Play Pass the Net 

  • Fold the N and non-N picture cards and put them in a net.
  • Have the children sit in a circle.
  • Have a child remove a card and decide whether it begins with the letter N.
    • If the word begins with N, have the child put it in an N pile.
    • If the word does not begin with N, have the child place it in a discard pile. 
  • Let the child pass the net when he or she has finished a turn.

Write the target letter

  • Have the children write the uppercase letter N and lowercase letter n on their necktie next to each item that begins with an N.
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SEEL At Home



Associate the uppercase letter N and lowercase letter with the /n/ sound as in necktie, nuts, and nest.


  • Necktie graphic 
  • N picture cards 
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • String or elastic

Activity: Neat New Necktie

  • Cut out the necktie graphic and punch two holes at the top
  • Have your child glue or tape the letter N picture cards to the necktie.
  • Encourage your child to say, "I'm putting a ____ on my neat new necktie" each time he or she adds a new picture to the necktie.
  • When your child is done attaching the pictures to the tie, point to each picture and say its name together.
  • After saying all the pictures' names, ask your child what sound each word begins with.
  • Attach the string or elastic through the holes in the necktie and have your child put on his or her neat new necktie.
  • The activity can be repeated several times.N Picture Word Cards
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