Party with Pink Plates


Associate the letter P (and lowercase letter p) with the /p/ sound (e.g., party, pear, plate).

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • party
  • pink
  • plate
  • pear
  • pasta
  • popcorn


  • Pink paper plates and cups
  • Party menu printed on pink paper
  • Pictures of food or food items that start with P
  • Writing practice page
  • If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff (optional)

Tell the children they will have a P party as they practice writing the letter P and saying the /p/ sound. Read If You Give a Pig a Party or some other book about a party (optional).

Literacy Activities
Pass out paper plates and cups

  • Choose children to be the waiters at the party and have them pass out pink plates and cups.
  • Have the children practice writing the letter P on the plates.
  • Pass out pink menus to the guests.
  • Help the children read the P items on the menu. Comment that all of the items start with the letter P which makes the /p/ sound.

Order foods that start with P

  • Let the children choose an item on the menu.
  • Have the children say “please” when they order their item.
  • Serve the food items or pictures of the food items on the pink plates.
  • Pretend to pour pop into the guest’s cups.

More Practice (choose from the following)
Play pass the P pink plate

  • Have the children sit in a circle and pass a pink plate around the circle.
  • Place pictures of words that start with P on the pink plate.
  • Have each child choose a picture from the plate, name the picture, point to the letter P, say the /p/ sound, then pass the pink plate to the next child in the circle.

Write the target letter

  • Help the children write the letter P while producing the /p/ sound.
  • As they write, point out the shapes included in the letter P (i.e., lines, circles and half circles).
  • Have the children draw pictures of foods that start with the /p/ sound below the letters (e.g., pizza, peanuts, pears, pickles).


SEEL At Home

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Associate the letter P with the /p/ sound (e.g., pink, party, peas). 


  • Picture cards cut out
  • Foods beginning with P (e.g., popcorn, pretzels, pineapple, peaches) (optional)
  • Plates

Activity: Pp Plate Party

  • Pretend to have a party with your child. Set out the plates on the table and put the picture cards and/or food items on a platter (another plate). 
  • Order and eat food beginning with the letter P. Make requests like, "Please pass the p___ (e.g., peas)!"
  • Help your child write and illustrate a menu of foods that start with P
  • Read the menu to your child, emphasizing the /p/ sound (e.g., /p/ - /p/ - pizza) and pointing to the first letter in each word. As you read, occasionally ask your child to say the /p/ sound while pointing to the letter P.
  • The activity can be repeated several times.picture cards


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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters in the alphabet.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3.A: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.