red roses

Red Roses
Target text


Associate the uppercase letter R and lowercase letter r with the /r/ sound as in red, rich, and rose.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • red
  • ribbon
  • rose
  • ring


  • Green pipe cleaners and red tissue paper
  • Red ribbon (optional)
  • Rose leaf graphics
  • Ring Around the Roses song
  • "Ring Around the Rosies" music (optional)
  • Red Roses and Red Ribbon target text
  • Book: Rosie’s Roses by Pamela Duncan Edwards (Katherine Tegen Books, 2003) (optional)

The children will make red roses as they practice writing the letter R and saying the /r/ sound in words such as robot, roll, and robin.

Literacy Activities
Make red roses

  • Write the uppercase R, lowercase r, and the word rose on the whiteboard and explain that the letter R makes the /r/ sound as in rose.
  • Help the children make a red rose.
    • Give each child a green pipe cleaner and a strip of red tissue paper cut one to two inches wide.
    • Roll the red tissue paper around the pipe cleaner.
    • Let the tissue paper loosen slightly and slide it to the tip of the pipe cleaner.
    • Pinch the bottom of the tissue while spreading the top into a rose shape.
    • Tape the pinched section to the pipe cleaner.
  • Give each child two leaf graphics and have them write the uppercase letter R on one and the lowercase letter r on the other.
  • Have the children attach their leaves to the rose while saying, "The letter R makes the /r/ sound."
  • Tie a red ribbon around the stem (optional).

Sing the Ring Around the Roses song

  • Display the Ring Around the Roses song (adapted from the song "Ring Around the Rosies") and have the children circle the words that begin with the upper or lowercase letter R.
  • Read the song to the children and have them hold up their roses every time they hear a word that starts with the /r/ sound.
  • Have the children stand in a ring and put their roses in the middle.
  • Have the children join hands and skip in a circle around the roses while singing the Ring Around the Roses song.

More Practice
Read words with the target letter

  • Read the Red Roses and Red Ribbon target text to the children, then reread it with the children.
  • Have the children underline the uppercase letter R and lowercase letter r throughout the text as they say the /r/ sound.
  • Have the children write the letter R on a piece of paper.
  • Read the text again and have the children hold up the letter R each time they hear a word that begins with the /r/ sound.
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SEEL Target Texts

Ring Around the Roses

Ring around the roses.
We smell them with our noses.
Red rose, red rose,
We all fall down!

Red Roses and Red Ribbon

Roses are red.
Ribbon is red.
Roses and ribbon are red.
Roll red ribbon to make a rose.
But don't rip your rose to ribbons!
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SEEL At Home



Associate the uppercase letter R and lowercase letter r with the /r/ sound as in robot, rake, and robe.


  • Memory game cards
  • Red ribbons (or red yarn or paper)

Activity: Race for Red Ribbons

  • Read the words on the memory game cards with your child. 
  • Have your child circle the letter R at the beginning of each word as you make the /r/ sound together.
  • Place the cards face down and set out red ribbons.
  • Take turns with your child choosing two cards to turn over in search of a match. 
    • If a player draws two matching cards, give him or her a red ribbon.
    • If a player does not draw two matching cards, turn the cards face down and return them to their spots.
  • When all the matches have been found, review the words on the cards, emphasizing the /r/ sound (e.g., rrrr-rabbit).


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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.