grab a rag

Grab a Rag
Target text


Blend a beginning consonant or consonant blend with -ag to make words such as rag, bag, drag, and snag.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • rag
  • bag
  • drag
  • snag


  • Large bag labeled Rag Bag 
  • Rags 
  • Timer
  • Paper sacks
  • Word blending cards 


The children will snag a rag and drag it into a bag as they add sounds to the -ag ending to make words such as rag, bag, drag, and snag.

Literacy Activities

Play Snag a Rag

  • Have the children line up and explain to them what it means to snag and drag a rag, pointing out that snag, drag and rag all end with -ag.
  • Stand about 10 paces in front of the children and dangle a rag from a challenging but reachable height for the children to jump up and snag (keep extra rags nearby).
  • Set the timer for two minutes and let the children take turns trying to snag the rag.
  • Have everyone chant, "Snag a rag! Snag a rag!" until the rag is snagged. 
  • When the rag is snagged have the child drag the rag to the Rag Bag and drop it in while everyone chants, "Drag a rag! Drag a rag!"
  • When the time is up, have children count how many rags are in the bag, saying, "One rag in the bag!  Two rags in the bag!" etc. 

Recall -ag words

  • Have the children help you make a list of -ag words from the activity and  emphasize the beginning sound(s) with the -ag ending to spell each word. 

    • r  + ag = rag

    • b + ag = bag

    • sn + ag = snag

    • dr + ag = drag

More Practice

Drag and blend new -ag words

  • Have children work in pairs, and give each pair a bag with letters in it and an -ag ending card.
  • One child will snag a letter from their bag and drag the letter to the -ag word ending card then blend the sounds together to read the word.  
  • Have the child who did not drag the letter to the card write the word on a whiteboard (or paper). 
  • Allow enough time for each child to take a turn in both roles. 

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Give each child a paper and pencil and have the children write words from dictation: bag, rag, sag, tag, lag, nag, wag, zag. 
  • Emphasize the process of blending the beginning sound with the -ag ending to spell each new word.
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