A Band That Blends

A Band That Blends
Target text


Use initial L-blends to build and spell words. 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • plunk
  • clang
  • clank 
  • plink
  • clunk
  • clink


  • Six envelopes
  • Envelope activity cards*
  • Word-building cards*

*Items included below.

Literacy Activities
Make a band that blends sounds

  • Print one set of the envelope activity cards (see below) and divide them into six envelopes with one word in each envelope.
  • Tell the children that musical sounds blend together to create a song.
  • Illustrate how initial l blends (e.g., cl, pl) can combine with word endings (e.g., -ap, -ang, -uck, -ing, -unk) to make musical words.
  • Divide the children into six groups and give each group an envelope.
  • Switch envelopes and allow the children to create a different musical word.

Write a L blend rhythm

  • Write a rhythm on the board and have the children clap out the rhythm as they read the words. For example, 
    • Clang, clang — clap, clap — plink, plink — plunk
    • Clank, clank, clank — pluck — pling, pling — clank
    • Pling, pling, pling — clang, clang, clang — pling — plunk
    • Plunk, plunk — pling, pling — plunk, plunk
  • Display a word wall with words that represent musical sounds: plunk, pling, clang, clink, clunk, clank, clap, plink, click, and clack.
  • Let the children rely on the word wall to write their own musical rhythms and then chant a few together.

More Practice
Blend and build words

  • Show the children more initial L blends (e.g., cl, pl, sl, fl, gl) and word endings (e.g., -an, -ad, -ack, -ing) by using the word-building cards (see below).
  • Display L blend cards on the left and word endings on the right side of a whiteboard or table.
  • Let the children put a beginning blend card with a word ending card, read the separate sounds, then blend them into a word (support as needed).
  • Repeat until all of the word-building cards have been used.
  • Have the children write the words they made and then read them to each other.
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