mystery words

Mystery Words

Mystery Words
Target text


Review the L-blends cl, bl, sl, and fl, as well as the -ack and -ip rhyme families.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • clip
  • flip
  • slip
  • black
  • clack
  • slack


  • Envelopes
  • Word-building cards
  • Small whiteboards and dry erase markers


The children will use word-building cards to discover mystery words such as black, clack, flack, slip, clip, and flip.

Literacy Activities
Find the mystery words

  • Fill each envelope with one of each beginning consonant cards (cl, sl, fl, and bl) and one of each ending cards (-ip and -ack).
  • Give each child (or group of children) one of the envelopes, a whiteboard, and a dry erase marker. 
  • Explain to the children that there are mystery words inside their envelopes that they need to discover.
  • Have the children take out the word-building cards and begin creating words using the beginning consonants cards and the -ack and -ip ending cards.
    • As the children create words, have them write a list of the words that they find on their whiteboard. 
    • Once the children have formed all eight words, have them shout "I/We solved the mystery!"
  • Use one of the envelopes to review the possible words with the children (blip, black, clip, clack, flip, flack, slip, and slack) and define the words as needed. 

More Practice
Write target words and sentences

  • Have the children write target words in a list as you say them: blip, black, clip, clack, flip, flack, slip, slack.
  • Invite the children to write sentences using words from their list (e.g., "I have a black clip. I like to flip and slip.").

Guess the mystery word

  • Cover the beginning or ending of a target word with a sticky note, and give the children clues to help them guess the mystery word.
    • For example, cover the cl in clip and say, "Sometimes I wear one of these in my hair."
  • Give the children time to write and hide their guess on a whiteboard or a piece of paper, and then have everyone hold up their answer.
  • Repeat with other word-building card sets as desired.
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