cover that cat

Cover that Cat

Cover that Cat
Target text


Blend beginning consonants with the endings -at and -an to make words such as pan, fan, hat, and cat.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • cat
  • hat
  • pan
  • fan
  • can
  • bat


  • Game boards
  • Word cards
  • Bowl


Cover that cat

  • Put one set of word cards in a bowl, and give each child one game board and one set of word cards.
    • Have the children cut out the word cards and practice reading them as they cut them out.
  • Pull a word card out of a bowl and read it to the children.
  • Have the children identify which picture on their game board matches the word card.
    • Help them cover the picture on their game board with the correct word card from the set. 
    • Each time they cover a picture, have them say, "Cover that ___!," inserting the name of the picture (e.g., "Cover that cat!").
  • Once all of the children have covered three pictures in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally is okay), have the whole class chant the three words together.
  • Repeat the activity until the children are familiar with the -at and -an words or until they have covered their whole board. 

More Practice

Identify, blend, and manipulate sounds

  • Have the children perform different actions as they hear different segments in the -an and -at words:
    • For example, for the word can,
      • Segment sounds: /c/ (march right), /an/ (march left).
      • Blend sounds: jump with both feet and say "can."
  • Repeat with the other -an and -at words (e.g., man, fan, pan, cat, mat, and bat).
  • As you change words, help the children identify which sound is different in each word.

Write about the activity using target words and phrases

  • Choose a child to come up to the classroom whiteboard and write one of the target words.
  • Help the students take turns coming up to the board to change either the beginning consonant or ending consonant to make a new word:
    • Change the beginning consonant: canfanmantanranpanvan (or patratcatmatsatbat).
    • Change the ending consonant: panpat; ranrat; cancat; manmat.
  • Have the children write a simple sentence using words that end with -an and -at (e.g., "The cat and man ran.").
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.