a stick to lick

A Stick to Lick

A Stick to Lick
Target text


Blend a beginning consonant or consonant blend with -ick  to make new words such as lick, pick, and stick.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • stick
  • lick
  • pick
  • quick


  • Picture cards
  • -ick popsicle graphic
  • Letter cards 
  • Popsicle sticks 
  • Three target texts
  • Stick of candy, pretzel stick, carrot stick (optional)

The children will pretend to lick treats on a stick while they add sounds to the -ick ending to make words such as lick, pick, and stick. 

Literacy Activities
Pretend to lick things on a stick

  • Explain that sometimes people get to lick a treat on a stick.
  • Read the target text A Stick to Lick to the children.
  • Have the children underline the -ick ending in words throughout the text.
  • Point out that words spelled with the letters -ck have the /k/ sound. 
  • Show the children the picture cards attached to a stick.
  • Let the children pick the ice cream, popsicle, or lollipop and let them pretend to lick it.
  • Pretend the ice cream or popsicle melts and say, "Quick! Lick!"

Lick a food stick (stick of candy, pretzel stick, carrot stick) (optional)

  • Lick a small piece of a real stick of candy such as a stick of licorice.
  • Lick the salt off of a pretzel stick.
  • Lick ranch or some other dip off of a carrot stick. 

Make words that end in -ick on a stick 

  • Give the children a picture card with the -ick ending printed on the graphic.
  • Let the children choose a letter card to tape or glue on the blank line before the -ick ending.
  • Have the children blend the beginning sound with the -ick ending to read the word.
  • Have the children glue or tape a popsicle stick to the picture card.
  • Let the children pretend to lick the popsicle on the stick.

More Practice
Read target words in a text 

  • Read the I Can Lick a Pretend Stick target text together as a class. 
  • Have the children help you make a list of all of the -ick words in the text. 
  • Emphasize the process of blending beginning sounds with the -ick ending to spell each word (e.g., /p/ + /ick/ = pick).
  • Repeat with the target text Make a Stick You Can Lick.

Write target words

  • Give each child a whiteboard and have them write words from dictation, changing one or two letters each time to make a new word
    • stick → tick → tock → tuck → suck → sick → pick → kick → kit → lit → lick → lock.
  • Emphasize the process of segmenting the sounds in each new word to determine which sound changed then blending the new sounds to make sure that the correct word is written.
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SEEL Target Texts

I Can Lick a Pretend Stick

I have a pretend stick.
I can lick my pretend stick. 
It can be an ice cream stick. 
It can be a popsicle stick.
It can be a lollipop stick.
It is a stick to lick!
Yum!  Yum!

Make a Stick You Can Lick

Make a stick you can lick.
Pick a stick. Pick a stick.
Stick a popsicle on the stick. 
Now we have a stick to lick. 
The popsicle is melting.
Lick the popsicle on your stick.  
Lick. Lick. 
We got a stick to lick.

A Stick to Lick

Here are things with sticks you can lick:
A stick of candy, a stick of gum,
A pretzel stick, a carrot stick,
And some ice cream on a stick.
Pick a stick to lick.
What did you pick?
Did you pick a candy stick to lick?
Did you pick a pretzel stick, a carrot stick?
Did you pick ice cream on a stick to lick?
Ice cream on a stick can drip.
Did you lick up the drips from ice cream on a stick.  
If you picked ice cream, did you lick up the drips?
If ice cream drips, just lick and lick!
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.