stop to shop

Stop to Shop

Stop to Shop
Target text


Blend a beginning consonant or consonant blend with -op to make words such as hop, pop, bop, and mop.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hop
  • pop
  • bop
  • mop
  • top
  • plop
  • flop


  • Game board pieces
  • Envelope pictures
  • -op action cards
  • Six small envelopes
  • Game block
  • A spinning top toy


The children will stop and shop at a pretend shop as they add sounds to the -op ending to make words such as shop, pop, mop, and hop.

Literacy Activities:

Play the Stop and Shop game

  • Place the seven game board pictures to form a lowercase letter t, with the top square being the SHOP card, the middle square being the STOP card, and the two COP cards on either side of the STOP card. Fill in the other spaces with the MOP, POP, and TOP cards.
  • Glue each envelope picture onto an envelope, then fill each envelope with its corresponding action cards (there should be six envelopes total and only one cop envelope).
  • Place the envelopes around the game board.
  • Assemble the game block.
  • To play the game, have a child toss the game block.
    • If the block lands on a SHOP card, have that child shop for an -op word by choosing a word out of the SHOP envelope, reading the word, and then displaying it so the other children can see it. 
    • If the block lands on a STOP card, have the child choose a card from the STOP envelope and perform the action on the card.
    • If the block lands on a COP card, have the child choose a card from the COP envelope and distinguish an -op word from a word belonging to another rhyme family.
    • If the block lands on a POP, MOP, or TOP card, have the child choose a card from the corresponding envelope and answer the question asked on the card.
  • Repeat until all the children have had a turn.
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