Target text


Blend a beginning consonant or consonant blend with -um to make words such as hum, gum, yum, and drum.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hum
  • gum
  • yum
  • sum
  • drum
  • plum


  • Spello game boards
  • Game markers (e.g., pennies, beads)
  • -um picture cards for each game board


The children will play a version of bingo called "Spello" as they add sounds to the -um ending to make words such as hum, drum, and yum.

Literacy Activities

Play the Spello game

  • Assemble the game boards:
    • Print each of the five game board versions and six sets of picture cards.
    • Cut out the picture cards and glue the top of each game board picture to the corresponding game board square so that each card becomes a flap.
  • Place the remaining set of -um picture cards in a container.
  • Have the children take turns acting as a speller.
    • Instruct the speller to draw an -um picture card and show the picture to the class without looking at it.
    • Help the other children find the -um picture on their game boards and lift the flap to see the corresponding -um word.
    • Once the children have discovered the -um word, have them give hints to help the speller spell the word (e.g., there are ___ sounds: the first sound is ___, and the second sound is ___.).
  • Once the speller has spelled the word correctly, the children may place a marker on the picture (the SPELLO square is a free space).
  • Repeat until one child (or multiple children) have marked a full row or column and have them shout, "Spello!"
    • The game can also continue until all the squares have markers.

More Practice 

  • Give each child a piece of paper and have them write short sentences using -um words (e.g., I am not glum when I hum. Do not hum with gum.).
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