get to the word factory

Get to the Word Factory

Get to the Word Factory
Target text


Practice reading and analyzing vowels within words and identifying words as opposed to non-words. 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hop
  • sit
  • can
  • cane
  • cost
  • coat


  • Page of game board shapes* 
  • Four envelopes 
  • Picture of Mother Alphabet*
  • Picture of the word factory*
  • Paper die*
  • Choose the Correct Vowel cards*
  • Count the Vowel cards*
  • Word and Non-word cards*
  • Action cards*

*Items included below.

The children will play a game to help Mother Alphabet get to the word factory as they practice identifying vowels and real words versus non-words.

Literacy Activities 
Get to the Word Factory game

  • Prepare the game.
    • Print and cut out six copies of the game board shapes (found below) and arrange them on the floor in a U-shape, with the factory at the top of the right side. 
    • Print the die block (found below) on a sheet of cardstock and follow the instructions on it to form it.
    • Cut out the picture of Mother Alphabet (found below), then fold and tape as marked.
    • Draw a star on the first envelope and insert the Choose the Correct Vowel cards (found below).
    • Draw a circle on the second envelope and insert the Word and Non-word cards (found below).
    • Draw a heart on the third envelope and insert the Count the Vowel cards (found below).
    • Draw a sun on the last envelope and insert the action cards (found below).
  • Place the Mother Alphabet game piece at the top left of the game board and have the children sit in a circle around the board.
  • Choose a child to roll the die and move Mother Alphabet down the left side of the U-shape. 
    • If a shape is rolled, have the child advance to the nearest space with the matching shape.
    • If +1 is rolled, have the child move one space forward.
    • If -1 is rolled, have the child move back one space. 
  • Have the child pick a card from the envelope corresponding to the space he or she lands on:
    • Star: Have the child choose a vowel to fill in the blank and complete the word. 
    • Circle: Have the child read and answer the question on the card. 
    • Heart : Have the child distinguish between the real word (has a vowel) and the non-word (no vowel). 
    • Sun: Have the child read the card aloud, point out the vowel in the word on the card, and then lead the other children in doing the action. 
  • Once Mother Alphabet reaches the word factory, have the children sing Mother Alphabet’s favorite song, the ABC song.

More Practice
Write about the game

  • Help the children make a list of words that they learned in the game (referring to the game cards as needed), underline the vowel(s) in each word, and read the words aloud. 
  • Encourage the children to write short sentences using words from the list and allow them to illustrate the sentences.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.