vowel brothers' racetrack

Vowel Brothers' Racetrack

Vowel Brothers' Racetrack
Target text


Spell and read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with the short sounds of a, e, and i.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • cat 
  • cab
  • hen
  • wet 
  • pig 
  • pin


  • Racetrack game board* 
  • Picture and word cards* 
  • Paper die cutout (on cardstock)*
  • Game marker (e.g., penny, bean)
  • Small whiteboards
  • Dry erase markers

* items included below

The children will play a racing board game as they practice reading and spelling words with the short vowel sounds of a, e, and i.

Literacy Activities

  • Prepare the game
    • Cut out the picture and word cards (see below) on the solid lines and fold on the dashed lines to create double-sided cards with a word and picture.
    • Place the racetrack game board (see below) on a table for all the children to see.
    • Sort the cards into three picture-up piles, one for each short vowel: a, e, and i
  • Have a child roll the assembled paper die (see below) and move the game marker (e.g., bean, penny) the number of spaces indicated on the die. 
    • If the marker lands on a vowel, have the child pick a card from the pile with that vowel, identify and spell the name of the picture, then read the word.
    • If the marker lands on a vowel brother, have the child say the short sounds of the five vowels (/a/ as in cat, /e/ as in pet, /i/ as in fit, /o/ as in hot, and /u/ as in nut).
  • Invite the children to write each word on their whiteboards and underline the vowel.
    • Give support as needed by helping the children stretch out the word and identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.
  • Have the children take turns until one child has reached the end of the racetrack. 

More Practice

  • Have the children take turns drawing two or three of the cards and creating sentences using the words from the cards.
  • Have them draw pictures to illustrate what happens in the sentence. 
  • Mix up the cards and repeat until the children have written and illustrated 2-3 sentences.  

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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.